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Google Analytics Glossary

Bounce Rate – The percentage of visits in which the visitor only views one page of your website before leaving.

Click – The single instance of a user following a hyperlink to another page.

Direct Traffic – Visits to your site where the user types your URL into their browser’s address bar or when a visitor uses a bookmark to get to your website.

Keywords – These are words that visitors use to find your website when using a search engine.

Landing Page – The first page a visitor views during a session; also known as the entrance page.

New Visitors – Internet users who have not previously visited or recently visited your site are considered new visitors.

Organic Traffic – Visitors who come to your website from unpaid organic or natural search results.

Page View – The amount of times visitors arrive on individual pages of your website. If a user reloads a page, that action will be counted as an additional page view. If a visitor navigate to a different page and then returns to the original page, a second page view will be recorded. Page views allow you to see which pages are most popular on your site.

Referring Sites – Other websites that refer or send visitors to your website are called referring sites.

Returning Visitor – A returning visitor is a user who has been to your website and has come back.

Visits – The amount of times the website is accessed. (If a user is inactive on your site for 30 minutes or more, future activity is attributed to a new session)

Time on Site – The average length of time a visitor spends accessing your site within a specific time period.

Traffic – The total number of visits to your website.

Traffic Sources – Where the traffic is coming from.

Top Exit Pages – These are pages that visitors leave your website from.

Top Landing Pages – The first pages that users land on or come to when entering your website.

Unique Visitor – The number of individual visitors (non-duplicate) to a site over a course of a specific time period.

Visitor – The person who goes to the site. GA offers data and reports concerning the behavior of the visitors that frequent the website.

Visitor Session – The amount of time spent on a website.

Visits – The amount of times your website is accessed.