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Updating the Left-Side Menu

A handful of departments are allowed to edit the left-side menu bar.

To update the left-side menu, open the "includes" folder, then "sub-nav.html".

Carefully make the menu updates. Select save and publish.

  • Failing to add the links to the full text can break the menu bar.
  • Adding extra spaces using the "enter" key can cause the menu bar to break.
  • Avoid using the "tab" button.
  • If you find that you have made mistakes, simply back out of the file without saving and begin again.

THIS is how the file should appear when editing:



 IMPORTANT: The Left-side menu bar can periodically break in the code. It is IMPORTANT to know how to FIX the menu-bar if broken. The Web team may NOT be immediately available to fix broken menu bars if your department has been released from the approval process.

If the menu bar breaks and appears broken as seen below, follow these steps to fix:


1. Open the HTML button to view the source. This is example of INCORRECT HTML code.


Select the code ABOVE the <li> tag. Usually, it is:
<br />


DELETE the tags ABOVE the first <li> tag.
SAVE the file and publish.


Your menu bar should be corrected and you can now edit the file.


If needed, you can REVERT the menu bar back to the last published file and begin again.