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When logging in to your directory, you are in full-page view.

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To expand the navigation in edit mode, click on the expand navigation button in the upper left corner (see below). You will see all the files and subdirectories in your account directory.

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Click the expand button again brings you to the full screen page view. From here, you can navigate your site, add a new page, create a folder, copy a file or upload files for your website.

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To preview a page or view a different directory, click on the name of the file or directory. When in preview mode you can click on the "Edit" icon to edit the page.

The body of the page is typically the only section that should be edited.

By default when you are in the Pages view you are viewing files on the staging server (note the Staging tab in the upper right). Clicking on the Production tab on the upper right corner provides a view of files that have been published to the production server. These are typically folders containing PDF's, JPG's, etc.

To go back to page navigation bar view simply select the left arrow in the upper right corner. To remove the navigation bar altogether click the left arrow again.