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Schedule a Page to be Published

You can schedule a page to be published in the future.

  1. After saving the page, click on the "Schedule" button at the top of the page.
  2. Choose a day, fill in the hour and minute, and choose a repeat time (if this is something that you will be updating each day or week.) If there is no repeat time, leave this blank.
  3. Click "Schedule" at the bottom of the page.

    At the bottom of the screen, you can send yourself a notification so that you know the page has been published.

To Cancel a Schedule Page to be Published

  1. Click on the "Content" tab.
  2. A new icon has appeared next to the page you scheduled in the “Publish” column.
  3. Scheduled to publish
  4. Click on this icon.
  5. To cancel, click the “Cancel Publish” button at the bottom of the page.

Schedule a Reminder

A page can be scheduled to remind you to take action in the future. Users must first select a date, then an hour. An optional notification email that you create will be sent to you on the set date and time.

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