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What's New in OU Campus Version 10 for UT Tyler

OU Campus is a constantly evolving solution to higher education needs. OmniUpdate strives to create a product that is easy to use, simple to understand and, most importantly, functional. With the arrival of OU Campus v10 for UT Tyler, users can expect a number of improvements to the interface, design and functionality of the OU Campus system while continuing to be a simple-to-use content management system.

Highlights for UT Tyler OU Campus v10

Newly Redesigned Interface

The new interface is designed to focus largely on being easy to navigate, ensuring consistency with regard to organization and functional expectations, and creating a clean working environment. The new global navigation bar is a shining example of the innovative new interface. In v10, the global navigation bar has been visually simplified with the introduction of roll-over sub menus that are displayed only when the user hovers any of the available menu items.

Main Navigation Version 9

Main Navigation Version 10

The basic user functions such as editing using the WYSIWYG Editor, sending for review and publishing content will continue to work as expected, and all currently configured workflow and permissions have been retained.

Image Editor

Users now have the ability to edit images directly from within OU Campus with the Image Editor tool. The Image Editor is accessible both when uploading a new image or editing an existing image. The new Image Editor does not require a Java applet to function so it is no longer necessary for users to install one on their computer.

Dashboard and Dashboard Gadgets

The dashboard available in previous versions of OU Campus has been redesigned in v10. This dashboard provides users with a summary of their account, including all files currently checked out, all activity performed on content within the site and an internal mailbox used to receive messages from other OU Campus users. All users who log in to OU Campus will have the fully-customizable dashboard available.

Included with the dashboard are unique tools built into the easy-to-use gadgets. Gadgets can be enabled or disabled, depending on user preference. Gadgets can also be custom-built by the UT Tyler Web team to further enhance the work experience.

Dashboard v9

Dashboard v10

List View

The list view in OU Campus v10 has been simplified using design elements such as hover-over menus and pagination. Hover-over menus allow users to select actions to perform on a file from menus that are hidden until the user hovers over the file's row in the list view.

List View Version 9

List View Version 10

File Navigation Sidebar

In previous versions of OU Campus, the Pages list view and the File Navigation sidebar were essentially the same thing. In v10, the Pages list view and File Navigation sidebar have been separated in order to create a more functional interface. Now, users can hide or expand the File Navigation sidebar while keeping the Pages list view open.

File Navigation in Version 9 File Navigation in Version 10

Drag and Drop

Improvements have been made to the Find and Replace tool, which allows users to replace content with specific contextual strings created by the user.

One favorite new feature amongst users is the ability to upload, copy and move files within a site in OU Campus using drag and drop functionality that has been unavailable in previous versions of OU Campus. Users can now select a file(s) from their desktop or other external source and drag them directly into the Upload dialog with no limit to the number of files that can be uploaded. NOTE: Binary files such as PDF files must be published to the server after upload.

Multiple Reporting Options

Reporting options previously available to administrators only are now in a clearly defined reports option. Reporting options are available to multiple user levels.

Enhanced Mailbox

A fully functioning mailbox with enhanced reply and forward capabilities is included.

Binary Management

Binary Management expands Web content management to binary files including images, videos and documents such as PDFs. Binary Management is now included in every installment of OU Campus by default. Binary Management is used in conjunction with the Dependency Manager to allow users to upload and edit media files whilst maintaining order and functionality of the files within the site using dependency tags.

Also New to UT Tyler

Dependency Manager

The Dependency Manager is a feature that manages linking among internal files within the UT Tyler website. Using OU Campus, Dependency Manager tracks links within the site.

When adding an internal link (within the UT Tyler website), links will now appear using a syntax tag. The path to the link will show underneath the dependency tag URL:

OU Campus Version 10 migration is scheduled for Monday, July 14. Complete online training will be available immediately after migration on the UT Tyler Web Support website. Hands-on training will also be scheduled for those who wish to attend.

Send questions to: web@uttyler.edu.

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