UT Tyler Web Publishing Standards

Web Addresses, Third Party Links and Commercial Sites

  • All UT Tyler organization units must use a Web address under the UT Tyler domain and agree to comply with UT Tyler Web policies and the mandatory requirements of these guidelines.
  • Requests for addresses and websites are to formally be submitted for approval and set-up by the Office of Marketing and Communications.
  • Web addresses may not be used or advertised prior to approval.
  • Sites aimed at recruitment and marketing will be reserved at a university level, such as www.uttyler.edu/previewday or previewday.uttyler.edu and will not be available to an individual school or department.
  • Consistency of naming and abbreviations will be adopted for UT Tyler Web addresses. Other abbreviations, initials, short hand or full names may be acceptable. Full names are preferable.
  • Unused or apparently unused Web addresses may be withdrawn or reallocated to another unit by the UT Tyler Web team.

Third Party Websites and Logo's

Third-party website links and logos are not permissible except on rare occasions, such as research areas. Consideration will be given to third-party websites and/or logos for research areas.

Links to Commercial Sites

Official university pages may not link to commercial sites that advertise/sell products or services, and may not accept sponsorship from commercial entities in exchange for advertising or links to commercial sites.

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