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The Writing Center is staffed by a highly trained group of students, graduate and undergraduate, many of whom are part of the Department of Literature and Languages. All tutors are carefully screened and trained to work as an interested reader for any kind of writing project. Each tutor has his or her own specialty or favorite kind of writing project, which may help you in selecting a tutor.


Victoria has been tutoring in English for more than 10 years and hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in English to become a university professor. She is passionate about social justice and has received Safe Space training. She also particularly enjoys working with students with "exceptionalities"-- special skills and challenges in school work. Her major focuses are working class literature, creative writing, sustainability in literature and composition, and creative non-fiction. Victoria believes that life is too short to be unhappy.


Kristina has a background in both English literature and Art History. Her particular interests in Art History are Aesthetic theory, Italian High Renaissance, and Enartete Kunst (Degenerate Art). In English, her interests look to Composition and Rhetoric, particularly the intersection of the Composition-Rhetoric, the Writing Center, and Writing Across the Curriculum. Kristina especially enjoys helping students with subjective or personal essays that allow students to engage with the topic personally and academically. Kristina enjoys pop culture, including Joss Whedon and Neil Gaiman, but the love of her life is her 10-year old dog Estel.


Jordanne really enjoys helping students organize their thoughts and working to achieve logical order in papers. She thinks of writing as a puzzle with every point and sub-point needing to be put in its rightful place to make the image clear. She also really enjoys working on rhetorical papers because she believes authors write things in specific ways for a reason, and she likes helping students figure those reasons out. Jordanne loves practicing her clarinet, going out to eat, and watching Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time speed-runs on Twitch.


Lori's ultimate goal is to complete her doctorate in English Literature. She enjoys critical literary analysis and creative writing. She is a self-professed cat lady with six cats, all of whom are named after prominent literary figures. Her hobbies outside the writing center include crocheting, painting, cooking, traveling, and quilting.


Queila is originally from Brasil, but has spent the majority of her life in the United States. This multicultural background and her knowledge of Latin-based languages offers a unique perspectives for students. She likes to work with students on exploring the processes of understanding and completing an assignments. She describes her work with students as very "hands-on" and "flexible." In her free time she enjoys yoga, cycling, puzzles, games, cooking, and Netflix.


Penny really enjoys facilitating students' academic and individual growth. She wants students to be confident in what they know. Penny actively participates in the Global Awareness through Education (GATE) program and the Reformed University Fellowship. Her hobbies include photography adventures and board game nights with friends.


William works at both the UT Tyler Writing Center and the TJC Writing Center, so he is comfortable working with students at all academic levels, at any point in the writing process, with any kind of assignment. He particularly likes working with students struggling with the functional elements of an essay as well as non-native English speakers. William has a wicked sense of humor and can make even citation fun and interesting.


Megan grew up as a bookworm, particularly loving high fantasy and science fiction among all the genres she reads. She sees writing as her main passion, whether for fun or for school. She loves chatting with students to determine the main message students are working toward and helping them convey that accurately. She also loves working on the nitty-gritty grammar things that many students struggle with in writing. With Spanish as one of her majors, Megan also loves working on papers for Spanish courses as well as any other course.


Joshua is known most often as "Jammer" and can't understand why he is considered "scary" simply because he has a bushy beard. He has a certain fondness for the essays of Orwell and Christopher Hitchens and lists his favorite comics as Aquaman or Swamp Thing. Jammer writes short stories and novels and publishes his own blog. He enjoys working with students on any kind of writing so long as he gets to talk about the process of writing.


Tiffany studies History and English broadly. She has helped students work in a variety of subject areas at all stages of the writing process. Outside of tutoring, Tiffany enjoys reading just about anything, writing, researching life's mysteries, cooking, spending time with her son, and playing board games with her friends.

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