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We are committed to helping nonprofits throughout East Texas by providing management training and coaching services to ensure a stable and sustainable future. Last year ETCN offered 350 training hours and served 2071 individual nonprofit professionals representing over 280 organizations.  Our onsite library and personalized services in the areas of Board Governance, Strategic Planning, Grant Research, and 501c3 help strengthen nonprofits by providing essential tools and resources they need to succeed.  The Center provides a varied range of management expertise, assistance, and services for staff, boards, and volunteers, and Membership helps us to provide them for a low or even no-fee.
Dedicated to building a community of strong executive and board leadership, ETCN has initiated a Nonprofit Management Certificate course to develop leadership skills of executive management in the nonprofit sector and will present the first East Texas Nonprofit Lecture Series as a new opportunity for our East Texas nonprofits.
We succeed when we strengthen nonprofits to realize their impact in our East Texas community.

ETCN Training

ETCN Spring 2023 Event Schedule - Longview University Center

March 21st - 'Get a GRIP - Intro to Grant Writing

March 21st – Preparing for Federal Grants

April 25th-26th – So You Want to Write Grants

May 16th – Board Bootcamp

May 17th – ‘Get a GRIP’ – Intro to Grant Writing

May 17th – Finding Grants


Our Nonprofit Management Certificate is the premiere continuing education module in East Texas for Executive Directors and Senior Staff at your organization. Participants will complete 7 full days (Spread out over 7 weeks) representing 56 hours of learning across a wide range of topics presented by industry leaders.

Training Opportunities

Register for a wide range of topics and speakers to help your program succeed and impact more lives this coming year. Click below to see a list of upcoming trainings we offer.



Personalized Services

Personalized Services

Our Personalized Services are customized for each organization and their needs. With a focus on optimal outcomes for your organization and your mission, we offer services in the areas: Board Governance, Strategic Planning, Grant Research, and 501c3.





The East Texas Center for Nonprofits is committed to helping nonprofits throughout our entire East Texas area by providing capacity building resources, management training, and coaching services to ensure a stable and sustainable future. Membership is the gateway to a broad range of services with the advantage of affordable rates.


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Book Appointment

We would love to sit down with you and learn more about your organization and some challenges you are working through this year. To schedule a visit, click the button below. We look forward to meeting with you!



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See a list of local nonprofit job postings in East Texas. Our members are able to publish available jobs by emailing EMAIL HERE




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Email: ETCN@uttyler.edu