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Curriculum Process

UT Tyler Office of Academic Affairs

The curriculum consists of all the courses and all the academic programs offered by the colleges—degrees, concentrations, minors, and certificates. Any substantive undergraduate curricular change that will result in a change to the catalog or other official documents of the University must follow the approval process outlined below. (See flowchart of process)

All changes to the curriculum require the approval of the departmental curriculum committee, the college curriculum committee, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, and the Provost.  This process follows a cycle that ends each spring with the updating of the online University Catalog. In October of each uneven year (2011, 2013, 2015) all changes are entered into the new catalog, which is published in the early spring of every even year (2012, 2014, etc.). The Timeline provides a 2-year overview of curriculum approval and catalog deadlines.

Coordination with other Units

If your change may have an impact on another unit, you should consult with that unit prior to submitting the change, and have the chair/dean signature of the other unit on the curriculum form.

Additions to the courses that can be used to fulfill the University's Core Curriculum requirements require the approval of the Core Curriculum Subcommittee of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.

Curriculum Forms - Undergraduate and Graduate

All new graduate and undergraduate course proposals must include Student Learning Outcomes and assessment methods as well as a complete syllabus.

New Course Form  Use the new course form if you are creating a new course, changing the prefix and/or number of an old course, changing the credits required for a course, or changing the level of a course

Course Change Form  Use the Course Change Form if you are changing the name of a course, deleting a course, changing the description, adding or deleting prerequisites. DO NOT USE for changing Prefix or Number.

New Program/Program Change Form  Use this form if you are substantively changing the requirements for a degree, such as admission or graduation requirements, core courses, number of hours required, etc. Also use this form if you are proposing a new concentration/track, new minor, new certificate or new degree program. If you have approval from the Provost to propose a new degree program, you will need to download THECB New Program Request Form for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. You are encouraged to work with the Vice Provost as you prepare the proposal, particularly as you work on the budget. When submitting a new degree proposal to the various committees please include the following documents: