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The Patriot Talon

The University of Texas at Tyler

About Us

Talon Student Media (TSM) is the independent, student-run media at The University of Texas at Tyler. So many facets of our media organization call TSM home, including:

  • Our digital persona (social media)
  • The Inspired Minds Literary Magazine
  • Talon Podcasting

Our goal is to inform, entertain, educate and heighten awareness of students, faculty, and administrators at UT Tyler. Staff members will be responsible journalists by maintaining high ethical standards with fairness, accuracy, and balance.

TSM encourages and provides an avenue for the free flow of student expressions and opinions. The newspaper will serve as a learning tool to help students gain experience in all aspects of the print media. TSM is a public forum.



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"I love working for the Talon and have been on staff for a year and a half! I look forward to leading the Talon this semester."



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"In addition to writing for the Patriot Talon, I am also currently a writer for, the Wood County Economic Development Council, and have published my first book, 'Over the River and Through the Woods.' I am pursuing my degree in Spanish in order to work in the church as a missionary. I've been with the Patriot Talon for one year and am having a blast!"