Piano Skills Festival

The Piano Skills Festival will be held February 23-24, 2024, with students completing the functional skills of sightreading, harmonization and technique along with one repertoire selection. Registration fee is $30 and the registration deadline is January 13th.

The Patriot Challenge will also continue to be an online option that students can complete in regular lessons with teachers whether in-person or online. Use it to prepare for the in-person festival or just to keep your students motivated to learn important skills throughout the entire year. There is no registration fee-- just submit the completed worksheets for the appropriate award along with a photo of the student and a Photo Consent Form signed by a parent.  Students will receive a certificate and will be recognized on our department Facebook page and website.  The Photo Consent Form is linked below.

Students may participate in both the Patriot Challenge and the Piano Skills Festival! All requirements and information are in the Piano Skills Festival Book 2025. Simply print the pages needed for each student's division level requirements and use the worksheets to help you and the student track progress. Sightreading packets for each level are also provided for your convenience.

Jazz divisions have been designed by Dr. Sarah Roberts and include online lead sheets and audio backing tracks! Students may perform with the backing tracks during adjudication and if chosen for the Outstanding Musicians Recital. This can be a great motivator and teachers not familiar with jazz can learn right along their students in this step-by-step curriculum. Students in jazz bands are encouraged to participate and do not have to be studying with a private teacher. Watch for tutorials to be uploaded soon in this exciting division!

The Patriot Challenge and Piano Skills Festival Descriptions and Flyer links can be used to help promote participation in your studio.  Please email any questions to vconway@uttyler.edu.