Biology BS Degree

Build Your Foundation for a Future in Science or Health Care

The study of biology explores the diverse world of living organisms from microscopic one-celled animals to vast ecosystems. The biology bachelor of science degree at The University of Texas at Tyler prepares you for a wide range of career options including pursuing graduate school, entering a professional school, teaching biology or working in industry or government.

  • Learn and explore in the outstanding facilities of the Department of Biology, which feature state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, an Ophidian Research Colony that provides neonate snakes to research groups around the country, a landscape ecology laboratory and extensive supporting equipment and software.
  • Pursue diverse study in our biology degree program, exploring such areas as genomics, bioinformatics, ecology, evolution and more.

Graduates of the UT Tyler biology BS program are employed in private industry, local, state and federal governments, and environmental consulting.

Bachelor’s in Biology: Cutting Edge. Research Oriented.

  • Conduct research alongside your professors who are actively engaged in further study and exploration. As an undergraduate, you will get ample hands-on experience learning scientific methodology.
  • Complete courses that ensure the most up-to-date scientific training.
  • Choose from 11 pre-professional tracks that offer sound preparation for entry into a range of health science programs from veterinary medicine, dentistry and medicine to physical therapy or physician assistant.
  • Use state-of-the-art lab facilities in the biology department, and work with The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler, a unique medical center that is on the leading edge of medical and clinical research.
  • Network with other biology students through the Tri Beta Biological Honor Society, or participate in the Pre-Med Club for students studying for a career in medicine.


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Biology Courses: Diverse. In-depth.

  • Cell Biology

    Discover the essential structure and function of cells, with emphasis on cell structure, metabolism, components of membranes and organelles, and intracellular trafficking.

  • Biological Evolution

    Explore mechanisms and processes of change at the population, organismal, cellular and molecular levels. Consider the history of earth and its biota including geologic time, fossils and humans.

  • Ecology

    Study the interactions of plants and animals with the environment as well as interspecific interactions.

    Learn more about UT Tyler’s biology program of study.

Two UT Tyler students in biology class

Biology Faculty: Scholars. Passionate Teachers.

--Learn the basic concepts of biology from award-winning teachers.

--Engage in creative study and research with professors who are also regular presenters at a broad range of scientific conferences.

--Learn from a faculty that includes authors published in such leading scientific journals as Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA; PLoS One; Proceedings of the Royal Society of London; and Evolution, Genetics and Biological Journal of The Linnean Society.

Learn more about UT Tyler biology faculty.