Human Resource Development BS Degree

Be Ready to Lead in Tomorrow’s Changing Workplace

A bachelor’s degree in human resource development from The University of Texas at Tyler prepares you to move into this dynamic field and create a satisfying, productive work environment for employees and your organization. HRD graduates find positions in business, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and government.

  • Take advantage of one of the nation’s few bachelor’s programs in human resource development—available right here in East Texas.
  • Develop skills used in both human resource development and human resource management through a mix of HRD and management courses.

Careers in this field are available in business, nonprofit, educational and government settings.

Bachelor’s in HRD: Practical. Timely.

  • Earn a degree that prepares you for various career paths, such as corporate management, supervisory roles in human resources or graduate studies in the HRD field.
  • Learn how to design and implement human resource development plans that best use employee skills and abilities in a dynamic work environment.
  • Complete an internship in HRD departments at East Texas companies to gain the on-the-job experience valued by employers.
  • Join the student chapter of the Society of Human Resources Management, the largest HRM organization in the world, for networking and professional development.

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More Information

HRD Courses: Research-Based. Broad in Focus.

  • Training, Selection and Recruiting

    Get an overview of planning, implementation and evaluation of training and development in a variety of settings, including conceptual tools to develop and design training.

  • Career Development and Human Resource Plannings

    Learn about evolving career development theories. Focus on knowledge and skills that enable you to effectively develop and link personal competencies to organizations.

  • Team Building

    Gain insights into the use of teams in business and industry. Topics include the purpose of teams and the team-building process, conflict resolution, talent management and team-building activities.

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HRD Faculty: Respected Experts in the HRD Field

--Learn from professors with professional experience in HRD in such organizations as Hallmark Cards, NCR Corporation, Pennsylvania Power and Light, Motorola and General Electric.

--Explore HRD theories and practices with professors who have written extensively on such topics as Manager as Coach; Organizational Learning, Performance and Change; and Human Capital and Screening Theories: Implications for Human Resource Development.

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