Psychology BA / BS Degree

Gain Broad-Based Skills to Explore Human Behavior

A bachelor’s degree in psychology from The University of Texas at Tyler prepares you for many diverse occupations in government, business, education, health and ministry, which require working with people. It can prepare students for admission to professional schools and for graduate study that leads to licensure as clinical or counseling psychologists through programs in counseling psychology, clinical psychology or school counseling, which are offered at UT Tyler.

  • Enter an academic field that enables you to better understand human behavior and be prepared for a broad range of career interests.
  • Gain exceptional analytical skills and hone your skills in written and verbal communications.

    Graduates of the psychology program at UT Tyler have gone on to pursue advanced degrees or begin professional careers. They are well-prepared for diverse occupations that require working with people, including positions in government, business, education, health and ministry.

Bachelor’s in Psychology: Broad-Based. Theory-Driven.

  • Take part in a rigorous academic study that exposes you to a range of psychological specialties to help you determine a direction for your career.
  • Become a student member of the American Psychological Association and network with professionals in your field of study.
  • Learn through coursework and projects to apply scientific psychological principles to relevant professional issues.

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Psychology Courses: Diverse. Practical.

  • Tests and Measurement

    Study psychological measurement with special emphasis given to the issues of test development and psychometric theory. The application of various tests in different settings is also addressed.

  • Abnormal Psychology

    Complete a review of abnormal psychology including clinical syndromes of deviancies, etiologies and treatment tactics.

  • Social Psychology

    Explore theories, methods and applications of social psychology. Study the effects of social or group influences on perception, learning, motivation and the development of attitudes and opinions. Course emphasis is on conformity, prejudice, aggression and persuasion techniques.

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UT Tyler Students working together in classroom on project

Psychology Faculty: Student-Centered. Exceptional Scientists.

Study with faculty members who have actively worked in the profession in such positions as director of an assault victim service; licensed professional counselor providing therapeutic services to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence; and counselor/educator.

Learn from professors who are respected authorities in their fields and published authors of such books and articles as Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Symptoms in College Students Exposed to Interparental Violence: Are They Comparable to Those That Result From Child Physical and Sexual Abuse?; Women and Mental Disorders Worldwide; and Correlation Between the Trail Making Test and the Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status (RBANS) in Patients Suspected of Dementia.

Benefit from interaction in small classes that ensure students receive mentoring support and close interaction with professors.

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