Communication Studies BA / BS Degree

Master Skills Vital to Any Career Field

The ability to communicate effectively is an outstanding advantage in any career and in life. With a bachelor’s degree in communication studies from The University of Texas at Tyler, you will be ready to develop high-impact presentations, conduct effective and timely research and engage in ethical inquiry, navigate diverse communication styles, and think critically to make well-reasoned decisions.

  • Build strong oral, written, and visual communications skills that can give you a distinctive edge both personally and professionally.
  • Critically interpret and use contemporary forms of communication in order to creatively problem solve, make sound judgments, and demonstrate innovative and well-founded perspectives.
  • Adapt to all types of situations by determining the best course of action and appropriate communicative approach.
  • Navigate and critically think through the plethora of information presented to our society on a daily basis.

Graduates of the UT Tyler Communication Studies program follow many different career paths in the private and public sector, or continuing their education by working towards a master’s and doctoral degree.

Bachelor’s in Communication Studies: Broad Scope. Theory-Based.

  • Study communication studies in small classes that are highly interactive and engaging, and that offer valuable mentoring by professors in and out of the classroom.
  • Complete an internship in a field of your choice. The coursework completed before embarking on an internship will prepare you for wherever your passions may be.

Students may choose to earn a bachelor of science in communication studies, which does not include four semesters of a foreign language and a final written examination, which are BA requirements.

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    Communication Studies Career Outlook

    A degree in communication studies provides skills for a range of careers as our graduates will be equipped with the most important skills employers are looking for in candidates. Our students will graduate with the ability to critically analyze and synthesize various information in the world, theories, perspectives, concepts, and principals. The courses we offer ensure students will be able conduct timely research, asking the important questions, and then present that material orally, visually, and in written formats. By graduation, communication studies students will not only know how to communicate effectively, but also navigate teamwork, ethical dilemmas, and problematic situations. Each of the skills taught through the varied courses offered in our program are highly sought after by employers nationwide. So, whatever your passion, we can help you get there.

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    Department of Communication

Communication Studies Courses: Relevant. Experiential. Tought Provoking.

  • Interpersonal Communication 

    Complete a study of the human communication process within dyadic relationships. Topics include communication styles, skills and methods of interpersonal communication competency.

  • Organizational Communication

    Study the flow of communication within formal organizations. Emphasis is on the interrelationship between interpersonal, small group and mass communication.

  • Business and Professional Communication

    Explore public communication, small group communication and interviewing as they relate to the business/professional arena.

    Learn more about UT Tyler's communication studies program of study.

UT Tyler

Communication Studies Faculty: Seasoned Educators. Top Scholars.

--Learn from professors who are respected leaders in the communication studies field and frequent speakers at professional conferences.

--Study with faculty members who are published in professional journals including Health Communication, Communication Yearbook, Communication Monographs, Communication Quarterly, and more.

--Faculty work with students in and out of the classroom to nourish each student’s passion into real life situations or theoretically-founded research.

--Be well-prepared for a dynamic professional environment with the help of professors who keep you abreast of the latest within the fields of health communication, risk & crisis communication, family communication, nonverbal, persuasion, rhetoric and more. .

Learn more about UT Tyler's communication studies faculty.

Preparing for an Exciting Career

UT Tyler

Hands-On Experience

“I transferred to UT Tyler from Tyler Junior College and have been deeply involved in campus publishing ever since. I’ve interned with BSCENE magazine and worked as photo editor for Pine Curtain magazine. It has been the best experience.

"I love how UT Tyler’s communication and journalism programs are hands-on. Not bound by textbooks, we’ve been able to design logos, movie posters and complete other projects that are so much fun. Plus, there are lots of opportunities to get a byline on a story.

“It’s great to learn from faculty who have actually done what they are teaching. The smaller classes have allowed me to get to know my professors, too, which is a huge asset. The equipment we work with on campus is outstanding.

“After I complete my degree, I hope to one day work for a magazine either as a writer or designer. But, right now, I’m happy getting experience in the field working on Pine Curtain and BSCENE magazines. It’s a rush seeing my name in print.”

Chantel Martin, Dallas, TX 
BS Communication