Homeschool Dual Credit

At UT Tyler, we want to offer Homeschool students from across the state the opportunity to earn credit towards their high school graduation and future degree plans. We want to provide our homeschool students with the opportunity to join the Patriot family, thrive in our program, and have the best possible early college experience. Deadline to apply for the 2022-2023 school year is July 1, 2022.


Homeschool students will be allowed to choose the following course formats:

  • UT Tyler Campus: A UT Tyler faculty member serves as the Instructor of Record on UT Tyler’s campus and students are responsible for reporting to the location for class meetings.
  • Online Dual Credit: UT Tyler faculty as the Instructor of Record and students are responsible for completing all assignments.


Our Incoming Homeschool students will need to follow a 4-step process for enrollment:

1.     A parent or the homeschool administrator will need to reach out to the Dual Credit coordinator. We can then set up a meeting or phone call to discuss the process.

2.     The homeschool parent or school will then need to establish an MOU with UT Tyler.

3.     Follow the Admissions Process Instructions.

4.     Choose your courses.