East Texas Energy and Technology Endowment

UT Tyler University Advancement

The East Texas Energy and Technology Endowment was created to facilitate industry, alumni and friends to support undergraduate and graduate research at the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Texas at Tyler.

Funds from this endowment will be used to encourage students to participate in research activities. Financial aid will be available to undergraduate students to take courses such as MENG 4370 Undergraduate Research, and to graduate students through Research Assistantships.

Your giving and help to spread the word will help our students and institution to achieve higher levels of technical excellence for the benefit of our region, the state and the nation.

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UT Tyler Mechanical Engineering

We are proud to recognize our donors here on our page. 

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Texas at Tyler is a young and growing department with the mission of offering high quality education to undergraduate and graduate students, founded on research activities that focus on societal and economic development of the East Texas region.

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UT Tyler Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Endowment Contact
Nelson Fumo, PhD
RBN 3009


Donor Brackets


$5,000 or more

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$1,000 to $4,950

- HVAC Manufacturing, Inc. (Athens, TX)
- Air Rover (Tyler, Tx)
- ASHRAE East Texas Chapter

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$500 to $950

- East Texas Refrigeration, ETR (Tyler, TX)

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$50 to $450

- Pat Evans Air Systems (Tyler, TX)
- Daren Epperson (Alumnus)
- Koukouni Pega Kone (Alumnus)
- Andrew Hernandez III (Alumnus)
- Jose Luis Rodriguez (Alumnus)
- Manoj Bhandari (Alumnus)

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