UT Tyler Patriots

UT Tyler University Advancement

More than $2 million in scholarship dollars have been raised in the past 29 years!

More opportunities to qualify and win great prizes!

More lighting on the greens so you can keep swinging after dark - every day!

Front Row (left to right): Ingrid Young (Hole-In-One Chairman), Lori Coe, Mandee Montana, Robert Wilson (President), Marianna Svesko, Debbie Wood (Director of Special Events)
Second Row: Cindy Brady, Jon Honea, Emily Kendall, Amanda Folmar, Carrie Anne Moore, Tabitha Ostmeyer (Special Events Assistant)
Back Row: Kearby Dickeson, Allen Clarida (Hole-In-One Co-Chairman), Denver Dyer, Jeremy Mebane, Jeff Cheavens
Not Pictured: Aaron Uncapher, Rowe Anderson, Hank Baker, Brad Bays, Garnett Brookshire, Christina Brookshire, Laura Corbett, Carleen Dark, Brooke Droptini, Amy Fouse, Drew Greene, Clark Hampe, Jr., Kendra Hassell, Kirk Hopkins, Will Knous, Joey Morrie, Stephenie Roberts, Tom Seale, Courtney Sheets, James Sheridan, Chris Simons, Mike Thomas, Stacie Walker, Michael Wallace, James Whitaker, Mark Zindler,

This contest offers amateur golfers age 18 and older the opportunity to compete, at $1 per shot, in preliminary daily rounds. Daily qualifiers are those who hit a hole-in-one, as well as those who hit closest to the hole during the daily qualifying rounds. Those who qualify advance to the finals. Qualifiers have the opportunity to win $1 million, $25,000 or a 2016 Cadillac XT5 with a hole-in-one. The first person that hits inside two feet of the million dollar pin wins $500!


How Did This 'Hole' Thing Get Started?

The honorary organization now known as the Patriots began in 1984, with a very distinguished list of outstanding young men and women who provided a much-needed volunteer link between the business community and The University of Texas at Tyler.

Its purpose from the beginning was to "promote the academic, cultural and activity programs of UT Tyler," which included encouraging scholars and scholarships. In March 1986 this ambitious group created the Million Dollar Hole-In-One Contest in conjunction with what was the Eisenhower Golf Classic.

The Hole-in-One Contest provided an opportunity for daily winners, who were closest to the hole, in the week-long event to compete in a final shot at the $1 million prize. The funds raised created hundreds of student scholarships over the ensuing years.

In 2001, a permanent scholarship endowment was established with $29,000 of the Patriots' proceeds. The market value of this scholarship fund has grown to almost $600,000. The interest on this endowment provides the means for many UT Tyler students to attend college. Many of these young people might not have the opportunity without these funds.

With the decrease in state appropriations for higher education, these scholarships are needed now more than ever. The Million Dollar Hole-in-One Contest allows the community to take a proactive role to ensure that East Texas is a well-educated region.

UT Tyler Patriot Original Charter Members

Dean Bailey
Henry M. Bell III
J. Lindsey Bradley, Jr.
Brad W. Brookshire
Wayne Brown
John Bufe
Tommy Butler
G. Stuart Chesley
Dennis Darryl
Buster J. Fitzgerald
Sam V. Guerin, Jr.
Larry Hickman
Dianne Holton
Phil Hurley
H. Lee Loftis, Jr.
Gene Meier
Dr. James M. Muse
Vicki Noble
Robert Patterson, Jr.
George L. Pearson
Robert S. Pirtle
Whit Riter
Stephenie Roberts
George Shannon
Donald Simmons
Betty Summers
Dr. J. Dan Toney
Joy Turns
Diane Wall
Ted W. Walters
Chris Woldert
Neil G. Yow, Jr.

UT Tyler is proud of the extensive group of volunteers who support our programs and special events. You, too, can contribute and help extend the reach of the university.