Special Programs - PASSages

Academic Advising Center

The PASSages Program at UT Tyler has been established for first-time full-time freshmen and is designed to help students achieve academic success. PASSages is required during the first semester for students who fall into either of the categories listed below:

A. Students enrolling with ACT/SAT scores and high school rankings below UT Tyler’s published admission criteria; and/or

B. Students enrolling as ‘liable’ or ‘not satisfied’ according to published state standards for TSI compliance.

Program Requirements:

Please note: Other University academic policies come into play if the semester GPA falls below a 2.0.

For students in category (B) above: Satisfying the PASSages program requirements does not eliminate the additional state requirement that TSI compliance be met as well.

  1. Students in PASSages will register for a maximum load of 13 semester hours.
  2. Students will register for an English class and a Math class (of the appropriate level) during the PASSages semester in addition to two other courses.
  3. PASSages students will attend required weekly seminars designed to provide valuable tools for academic success. These seminars are non-credit courses and will be considered a required part of a student’s weekly schedule and will be taken into consideration when planning the semester schedule.
  4. Students are also required to schedule at least two appointments with an Academic Advisor during the PASSages semester. One appointment must be scheduled during the first six weeks and the other prior to the official drop date for the semester.
  5. To be removed from PASSages status, students must attain a 2.00 semester GPA and successfully participate in the weekly seminars. Until both conditions are satisfied, students will be required to repeat all requirements of the PASSages semester (including being restricted to 13 semester credit hours for enrollment in the subsequent semester). Once the PASSages requirements are satisfied and the PASSages status is cleared, students will be allowed to add more hours if preferred.