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Mentoring and Advising Patriots for Success (MAPS)

A new policy implemented at UT Tyler requires students who are on academic probation to participate in the Mentoring and Advising Patriots to Success (MAPS) program. MAPS is designed to provide individualized attention for students in need of assistance and fosters the academic skills necessary to be successful at UT Tyler. The program includes a series of Strategies for Success (S4S) workshops and activities that encourage development of effective study habits.

One of the primary goals of the MAPS program is to provide students with the academic skills necessary to get off academic probation. To improve your chances for academic success at UT Tyler, you should work with your academic advisor to discuss the academic support resources available to you as well as the combination and timing of courses that will best suit your academic goals and needs next semester.

Probationary students who are first-time full-time freshmen will be required to participate in academic support programs such as Mentoring and Advising Patriots to Success (MAPS). Failure to participate in the required program(s) may result in additional registration restrictions. First time, full time freshmen need to consult with their freshman advisor to plan appropriate support programs and to determine the steps necessary for compliance.

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