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Assessment Process and Rubrics

Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness

Purpose of Assessment Plans

Assessment plans for academic programs, administrative departments and student support programs/services identify priority outcomes (Student Learning Outcomes, Student Outcomes, and or Administrative Outcomes); methods to measure progress attainment with pre-determined success criteria; assessment results and support documents; and planning statements for future improvement.  All outcomes align with the college, department, and university mission statements and strategic plans, respectively. 

Annual Review Process

The Assessment and Planning Committee and AIE Office staff schedule individual meetings with the administrative department directors and the academic program coordinators and/or department chairs to complete intitial reviews of the annual assessment plan updates using internal rubrics. Updates for assessment plans including support documents and action planning are confirmed.

An annual Assessment and Planning Summary Review meeting with the appropriate vice president is the final step in the review process for each assessment cycle. The VP review meetings include discussion of the planning strategies in each assessment plan.

Assessment Calendar


2018-19 Assessment Review Rubrics


High Impact Practices (HIPs)

High Impact Practices (HIPs) are promoted by the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) to engage students in educational opportunities that enhance learning and student success.  Faculty are encouraged to identify at least one to two HIPs in each academic program that align with content priorities.   

HIPs are noted on all undergraduate program Curriculum Maps.

Service-Learning courses are tagged in the UT Tyler Catalog following a faculty review.




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