UT Tyler Department of Biology


Students majoring in biology should contact their departmental advisor prior to enrollment. Students who have completed less than 30 hours will not be allowed to enroll until they have been advised.

Faculty Advisors

A-B/PRN Dr. Lance Williams 903-565-5878 BEP 129B
C-D Dr. Ali Azghani 903-566-7332 BEP 105
E-F Dr. Clement Chan 903-566-7323 BEP 109
G-H Dr. Josh Banta 903-565-5655 HPR 129
I-J Dr. Stephanie Daugherty 903-566-7013 BEP 107
K-L Dr. John Placyk 903-566-7147 HPR 110
M-N Dr. Brent Bill 903-566-5883 HPR 107
O-P Dr. Katrin Kellner 903-566-7009 HPR 104
Q-R Dr. Jon Seal 903-566-7126 BEP 264
S-T Prof. Jessica Coleman 903-565-5889 BEP 114
U-V Dr. Riquing Yu 903-566-7257 HPR 118
W-Z Prof. Suzanne Pundt 903-566-7274 HPR 117
PRN Dr. Clement Chan 903-566-7323 BEP 107


CAS Advisors 

Doug Vardeman    903-565-5871 FAC 2012


If you are considering medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy or dentistry as a career, you may contact Dr. Rachel Mason (903-566-7262 in RBS 3032) for premedical and other pre-health professions information.

This list of academic advisors is for new biology majors effective spring 2019. If you have previously been assigned another advisor on this list, that advisor will remain your academic advisor.