UT Tyler Department of Biology

The Department of Biology is housed in BEP and HPR buildings, which contain faculty and graduate student offices, research and teaching laboratories, environmental chambers, animal rooms, etc. 

The laboratories are equipped with instruments for a variety of analytical protocols including:

  • Ultraviolet/Visible/Infrared Spectrophotometry
  • Confocal Microscope
  • Real Time PCR Machines
  • Droplet Digital PCR System
  • Walk-In Environmental Chambers
  • Electrophoresis
  • Ultrasound Scanning

In addition, the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry as well as other departments have various instrumentation. The department also maintains The University of Texas at Tyler Ophidian Research Colony (ORC), which was established in 1989 and provides neonates and eggs of oviparous snakes to researchers around the country. The colony includes a diverse groups of species including species of colubrids, pythons and vipers.

The landscape ecology laboratory contains PC-based computers, scanners, photo-quality printers and a large-format plotter. All systems run ArcGIS v9.2 software with several extensions and Fragstats.