Graduate Program

Degree Requirements

Each candidate for the M.S. degree in biology must complete:

  1. A minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate credit including six hours thesis (BIOL 5395, BIOL 5396).
  2. A core curriculum (required): Evolutionary Genetics, Phylogenetic Systematics, Univariate Statistical Methods in Biology, and Multivariate Statistical Methods in Biology.
  3. Elective courses include: Cell and Molecular Biology, Biogeography, Herpetology, Entomology, Landscape Ecology, Ornithology, Topics in Advanced Biology, Ethoecology, Graduate Seminar, Biological Research, Independent Study, Biochemistry, and Immunology.
  4. Only 6 hours of undergraduate courses taken for graduate credit may apply to the M.S. degree (BIOL 4661 Field Biology; CHEM 4334 Biochemistry; CHEM 4135 Biochemistry Laboratory).