How to Apply

Graduate Program

General Information

Prior to applying to the program, you should introduce yourself to the biology faculty with whom you share strong research interests. If there is more than one faculty member whose research interests you, then you should introduce yourself to all of them. Don't be afraid to contact the faculty. They would like to hear from you.

Students accepted into the UT Tyler biology graduate program will be required to complete a thesis research project. Each student will select a primary faculty advisor to supervise their research and serve as chair of the student's graduate committee.

Your success as a graduate student will largely depend on finding a faculty mentor that is a good fit for you. Before applying, spend as much time as necessary to get to know the faculty. During your discussion with potential faculty mentors, you should consider several things. Do you share research interests? Is the faculty member accepting new graduate students? Does your learning style fit the degree of structure or independence offered by a particular faculty member?

When considering a faculty advisor, it is very important to talk with current graduate students in the biology program. The students know what it is like to be in the program. So, ask students about their experiences, and be sure to get in contact with students working with the faculty member you are considering as a potential mentor.

When to Apply

Most graduate students are accepted during the spring semester for enrollment in the fall. In addition, most financial support is awarded before the fall semester. Applications for fall enrollment should be filed with the graduate coordinator as early as possible, preferably by March 15. Later applications will be considered.

Students applying to the biology graduate program are strongly encouraged to contact faculty members in their area of interest before or during the application process.

What to Include in the Application

In order to complete your application, you will need to send some materials to the Office of Admissions at The University of Texas at Tyler and some materials directly to the graduate coordinator in the Department of Biology.

Materials to be Submitted to the Graduate Admissions Office

  1. You must submit a complete university application including official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. The university application may be submitted online (online application) or mailed to: Graduate Admissions Office, The University of Texas at Tyler, 3900 University Blvd., Tyler, Texas 75799.
  2. You must submit scores on the General Test (verbal, quantitative and analytical writing) of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).
  3. Unofficial (student) copies of all transcripts. All official transcripts will be sent to the department by the Office of Admissions as they arrive.
  4. Scores on the General Test of the GRE.
  5. Score on the GRE Subject Test in biology.
  6. A satisfactory grade point average on all prior advanced (junior, senior and graduate) work taken.
  7. Curriculum Vitae.
  8. Statement of research interests.