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Course migration requests should have been completed by the deans/chairs. Course requests should be made for courses to be taught in the upcoming semesters. All courses in Blackboard will be stored and can be retrieved in the future if needed.

Login to uttyler.edu/canvas to complete the Canvas 101 training. Check migrated content and see if there is any course design work you may want to do before teaching the course in Canvas.

Download Canvas app for mobile devices. (Apple iOS Canvas App for iPhone and iPad, Android Canvas App)

We’re always happy to help; so please contact the transition team if you’d like to schedule an appointment to discuss your course and get one-on-one help. 

Note: The Canvas migration team will be completing mass course migrations as requests are submitted. Migrated content will include materials, assignments, topics, syllabi, homepages, etc., but NO student work and data will be migrated. 

  • Course content is migrated into a new migrated course site in Canvas, not the official registrar-created course site. 
  • When the course copy is complete and you have completed the Canvas 101 training, you will be added to each migrated content site in Canvas as the instructor. 
  • When you are satisfied with your course content site, and the official registrar course site is available, it's easy to copy the entire contents to your official course site.  

Now What?

Take the Canvas 101 training! Here are a few tips to start updating your Canvas courses after you complete the training:  

  • If you had materials migrated from Blackboard to Canvas, you’ll find them under “Files” in your Canvas course menu.
  • If you had links to websites in your course materials in Blackboard, you’ll also find those in “Files.” If you need to edit or add new links you can use “Pages” or “Modules” in your Canvas course menu.
  • Add your syllabus to the syllabus tool in Canvas.
  • Set your course home page to the style that makes most sense for your content: Posting a lot of announcements? Course Activity Stream might work best. Uploading a syllabus and making robust use of Due Dates? Syllabus would be best. Organizing course content with Modules? Set Course Modules as the home page.
  • Hide any Course Navigation menu items you don’t intend to use (e.g., Chat).
  • Organize your Course Navigation menu as Home, Modules, and the rest alphabetized. 
  • Use “Student View” to see how everything will look for students before publishing.
  • Make sure everything in your Canvas course site that you want students to see is published, and when you’re finished working on the site, click the Publish button on your course home page to allow students to access your course. (Note: Unpublished courses are not available to students.)     

Need help? Contact us if you’d like set up a one-on-one consultation, and make sure to attend your college's or department's spring training. 

Student Information

Download all Blackboard content that you want to save before May 1, 2017.

Download Canvas app for mobile devices. (Apple iOS Canvas App for iPhone and iPad, Android Canvas App)


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