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Alumni Services for Past Patriots

The Office of Career Success and parents have a common goal — helping your student make sound career choices. We both want our Patriots to become professionals.

Career Success provides the tools and resources to explore and navigate the career process. Parents should lend support to your student throughout the job search process, but does not conduct the job search for them. Students will look to their parents to listen and be their compass as they make career decisions.

Here are some ways you can help your son or daughter while attending UT Tyler:

    • Encourage a visit the Office of Career Success, no matter when they are graduating. It's never too early to meet with our staff and become familiar with the services we provide. Students can visit our career library to read books on business etiquette, industry trends and job search tips.
    • Encourage your student to take a career assessment, a tool for different areas of self discovery, such as personality, skills, interests, values, strengths, occupational options, career paths and education programs compatible with your personal attributes. They learn how to apply them in their career, academic and personal relationships.
    • Persuade your student to make an appointment with one of our Career Peer Advisors to create a resume and cover letter. Even if the student thinks they do not have any work experience, their volunteer and extracurricular activities count as experience. Students can also complete a mock interview, where they practice answering interview questions and receive feedback on their strategy for answering questions, business body language and appropriate dress.
    • Suggest that your student register with Handshake, our online database that gives students 24/7 access to jobs postings. The job postings include full/part time jobs, on/off campus jobs, and internships.
    • Challenge your student to explore their chosen field by volunteering and becoming involved in extracurricular activities and/or student organizations. Valuable experience, transferable skills and relationship building will be gained by being involved in your community and university.
  • Advise your student to stay abreast of current events. Students can gain much career-related knowledge by reading the daily paper or a weekly periodical. Additionally, during the interview process, many employers ask questions pertaining to recent events in their industries.
  • Encourage your student to attend all Career Fairs. Career fairs are an opportunity for students to network and practice promoting themselves to recruiters.
  • Assist the Office of Career Success by becoming a mentor in your profession.
    • We are be building a database of UT Tyler parents, alumni and community professionals to mentor students and/or sponsor a weeklong externship for our students to complete job shadowing in their chosen profession.
    • Please register with the Handshake.

Thank you! And remember . . . by working together, we can prepare your Patriot to become a professional!

If you have a question or need assistance, please contact Career Success, at 903.566.5862 or email us at careerservices@uttyler.edu.

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