Graduate Advising

Applying for Graduation

Students apply for graduation one semester before they plan to graduate. The deadlines for filing for graduation are as follows:

For fall graduation: June 15.
For spring graduation: Oct. 15.
For summer graduation: March 9.

Students applying for graduation should begin in the cashier's office and pay a graduation fee. The next stop is the Office of Admissions and Student Records, where an application for graduation needs to be filled out.

The Office of Admissions and Students Records will forward the student's application to the college, where a graduation check will be done to determine whether or not the requirements for graduation have been, or are in the process of being, completed.

Students will be notified by letter if they are eligible to graduate.

Students who do not graduate during a semester in which a graduation application is filed must re-file and pay an additional graduation filing fee.

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