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Who Is My Advisor?

College of Arts and Sciences Advising

If you are credited with fewer than 30 or 45 hours, then . . .

If you are credited with more than 30 or 45 hours, then . . .

You will be advised by the Office of Student Success. Please go to this site for more information and to make an appointment . . .

UT Tyler Advising

You will have both a college advisor and a faculty advisor. You will want to see both your college advisor and faculty advisor often.


If you are a new transfer student with more than 30 hours, please make your first appointment with a CAS college advisor. The CAS Advising Center may be reached at casadvising@uttyler.edu, or at 903.566.7389 or 903.565.5780.


Your college advisor helps you navigate the core curriculum and university requirements, and can help you with any other questions you might have, even if you are not sure who to ask.

Change of major and change of minor forms must be signed by your college advisor, and adjustments to your Patriot Advisement Report can also be made by your college advisor.


Your faculty advisor is a faculty member and specialist from your area of interest. Your faculty advisor helps you navigate the choice of classes in your major area, and advises you about research opportunities, travel study opportunities, and career opportunities in your area. Your faculty advisors want to know what your interests are. What do you want to do?


You might also have a faculty advisor for your minor area.


How do I make an appointment with my college advisor?

It is always best to make an appointment ahead of time rather than to walk in. Nevertheless, we do see students on a walk-in basis as often as we are able. Please contact Dr. Michael Millett at mmillett@uttyler.edu or at 903.566.7389, Miss Whitney Sharman at wsharman@uttyler.edu or at 903.565.5780 for an appointment.

Who is my faculty advisor?

Each department has its own way of assigning faculty advisors. To learn who your faculty advisor is, please visit the office of your major.

Once you are matched with a faculty advisor, this information can be added to your myUTTyler record. Simply send an email to casadvising@uttyler.edu and we will add your faculty advisor information to your record.

Major Area

Office Location

Web Site

English, Spanish

BUS 237

Department of Literature and Language

Political Science, History, Criminal Justice,

Social Science, Economics

BUS 221

Department of Political Science

Department of History

Criminal Justice Division

Department of Social Sciences

Economics Division

Art and Art History

ARC 122

Department of Art and Art History


FAC 2212

School of Performing Arts


RBN 4001

Department of Mathematics


BEP 129

Department of Biology

Chemistry and Biochemistry

RBS 3001

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Mass Communication, Speech Communication

HPR 263

Department of Communication


We look forward to meeting with you!


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