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Authorized Users

Making a payment as an Authorized User

Authorized users (including parents) can make a payment online when the student designates specific authorized users to view or pay their student account balance.  The authorized user will be able to view account activity and pay on the student's behalf.

How Students can designate an Authorized User to View and Pay on their Student Account

  1. Log on to the web at myUTTyler
  2. Enter your Patriots username and password
  3. Go to the Student Home Page tab
  4. Go to the Student Center under the System Access pagelet
  5. Go to the Finances section and go to Account Inquiry under My Account
  6. Go to Authorized Users in the menu on the right 
  7. Enter the person's email address that you wish to view and pay your bill
  8. Answer all the questions
  9. Go to continue
  10. Read the agreement, click on the I Agree box and go to Continue
  11. The authorized user will be sent two emails immediately.  The first email contains the user's username and the link to the portal and the second email contains the user's temporary password
  12. The authorized user will enter their credentials on the portal, in the Authorized Users login section (beneath the Students' and Staffs' login section)

How an Authorized User can View and Pay on a Student's Account

  1. After the student completes the above steps, you will receive two emails.  The first email contains the username and the link to the portal.  The second email contains your temporary password
  2. Enter your login credentials on the portal, in the Authorized Users login section (beneath the Students' and Staffs' login section)
  3. Complete the Authorized User Profile Setup page and save.  Please notice, you must enter a new password here.
  4. You can either go the Make a Payment or go to View Account Activity
  5. Go to Make Payment in top menu
  6. Select Pay by term
  7. Select the term you wish to pay
  8. Enter the date you wish for the payment to process
  9. Enter the amount you wish to pay and go to Continue
  10. Select the Payment Method you desire.  You can choose (1) Electronic Check to pay from your Savings or Checking Account or (2) Credit or Debit card
  11. Go to Select
  12. Enter all required fields with an asterisk mark
  13. Save this payment method by clicking on the box next to Save this payment method for future use.  You are not required to save this information
  14. Go to Continue
  15. Add any additional items you need to purchase by selecting the box.  If no items are needed, select nothing
  16. Go to Continue
  17. Review the information and then go to Submit Payment
  18. A receipt will be emailed to you
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