Accounting BBA MBA

General Degree Information

The BBA-MBA integrated programs leads to Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Masters of Business Administration for those students who wish to pursue a career as a CPA. This program contains 150 hours of course credit (120 semester credit hours required for BBA) and is designed to meet the needs of the profession as required by the Public Accountancy Act as it complies with all the educational requirements for those who wish to take the CPA exam.

The BBA-MBA program includes study resulting in the simultaneous awarding of the BBA and MBA degree.

Admission Requirements

  1. Admission to the College of Business and Technology (CBT) as an Accounting major and junior status.
  2. Hold a grade point average of 2.75 or higher prior to admission.
  3. BBA core complete.
  4. Application to Graduate Studies with a GMAT score submitted to UT Tyler Office of Graduate Admissions.
  5. Maintain a minimum gpa of 3.0 on all required program course work. No grade below "C" can be used to satisfy degree requirements.

Required Course Work

Required undergraduate courses

ACCT 3311: Intermediate Accounting I

ACCT 3312: Intermediate Accounting II

ACCT 3315: Cost Accounting

ACCT 3325: Income Tax I

ACCT 3326: Income Tax II

ACCT 4330: Government and NFP Accounting

ACCT 4380: Auditing

ACCT 4391: Accounting Information Systems

FINA 3311: Principles of Finance

BLAW 3301: Business Law & Social Responsibility

BLAW 4340: Bus & Professional Ethics

MANA 3311: Managing People in Organizations

MANA 3305: Operations Management

MANA 3370: Business Writing and Oral Presentation

MANA 4395: Strategic Management

MARK 3311: Principles of Marketing

Upper Division Electives (9 hrs.)

At this point, a student may choose to pursue an Accounting BBA only. The remaining courses for the Accounting BBA are the following:

MANA 3170: How to Get a Job (1 hr.)

Upper Division Elective (3 hrs.)

Upper Division Elective (3 hrs.)

To complete the integrated Accounting BBA- MBA program, the following courses must be completed (30 hrs.).

ACCT 5310: Research Problems in Federal Income Tax

ACCT 5360: Advanced Problems in Accounting

FINA 5320: Advanced Financial Management

ECON 5320: Advanced Economic Analysis

MANA 5305: Decision Making in Operations Management

MANA 5360: Global Business Perspectives

MANA 5320: Leading and Managing People

MANA 5350: Strategic Human Resource Management

MANA 5395: Formulating and Implementing Strategy

MARK 5320: Advanced Marketing Fundamentals

or MANA 5390: Designing Effective Organizations