Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.) in Nursing

Dr. Barbara Haas, Doctoral Program Director

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences offers a unique doctorate that focuses on health care in communities within the context of culture. The program, which is built on a strengths model, is offered in an online format and provides advanced education to prepare nurse researchers and educators for the future.


The Ph.D. in Nursing prepares nurse leaders to: 1) design, conduct, and disseminate research that contributes to the advancement of nursing science and global health; 2) conduct culturally competent research to guide nursing practice; 3) incorporate research outcomes to formulate policies pertinent to nursing and global health; and 4) construct and implement creative and innovative strategies related to education for nursing and health.

Admission Requirements

In addition to the general requirements for admission to doctoral study at The University of Texas at Tyler, the following criteria must be met for entry into the program:

  1. A baccalaureate or master's degree in nursing from a college or university approved by a recognized national accrediting body.
  2. Submission of satisfactory Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores taken within the last five years.
  3. A current license to practice professional nursing.
  4. International applicants will be evaluated for equivalency on criteria 1-3.
  5. International students must score a minimum of 550 (paper), 213 (computer), or 78 (internet-based) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). For more information on International applications, please see the general graduate section of this catalog.
  6. A 3-5 page paper linking professional goals and research interests to health issues emphasized in this program.
  7. Three academic and/or professional letters of reference.

Consideration for admission to the PhD in Nursing program will also be given to one or more of the following: the applicant's demonstrated commitment to his or her chosen field of study, socioeconomic background, first generation college graduate, multilingual proficiency, geographic region of residence, and level of responsibility in other matters including extracurricular activities, employment, community, service, and family responsibilities.

Degree Requirements

This degree program is delivered online. Students are required to attend an orientation on the UT Tyler campus prior to beginning coursework and an annual summer workshop. Students may be required to be present for other special activities throughout their program of study (e.g. dissertation defense).

  1. Minimum Credit Hours

    Category Semester Credit Hours

    Required courses 36

    Cognates 6

    Electives 6

    Dissertation 12

    TOTAL 60

  2. Special degree requirements (for details on university doctoral requirements, see the general graduate section of this catalog and the Handbook for the Nursing Ph.D. available on the College of Nursing Graduate Studies website)
    1. The Preliminary Examination may be taken after the student has completed 30 hours of coursework. Students may not advance to candidacy or register for dissertation hours until all coursework is completed and all portions of the Preliminary Examination have been passed satisfactorily.
    2. Students have a maximum of six years to complete the program. Students will have four years to complete the program after entering candidacy. Students unable to complete the program within the designated time limits must file for an extension.
    3. A dissertation of original research contributing to the body of knowledge in nursing will be required. Students must enroll for six credit hours during each long semester while in the dissertation process. A minimum of 12 hours of dissertation credit is required.
    4. Students must meet all doctoral degree requirements of the University.
  3. Transfer work: Students may transfer up to twelve hours of coursework with the approval of their advisor and the Director of the Doctoral Program. Students will be responsible for providing necessary documentation of course equivalency.

    Below is a typical outline of program progression for a full-time student

    YEAR 1


    NURS 6341: Scholarship of Writing for the Ph.D.

    NURS 6310: Philosophy of Science
    NURS 6342: Scholarship in Nursing
    NURS 6320: Data Management

    NURS 6312: Theory Construction and Evaluation
    NURS 6322: Advanced Statistics
    Elective / Cognate

    NURS 6333: Qualitative Research Designs & Methods
    NURS 6350: Research in Transcultural Health

    YEAR 2

    NURS 6330: Quantitative Research Design & Methods
    NURS 6354: The Nurse as Educator
    Elective / Cognate

    NURS 6352: Health Care Policy Development
    NURS 6337: Advanced Research Design & Methods
    Elective / Cognate
    Preliminary Exam

    Elective / Cognate

    YEAR 3

    NURS 6660: Dissertation

    NURS 6660: Dissertation

    Total Sem. Credit Hours: 60