UT Tyler Department of Accounting, Finance & Business Law

Bachelors Degree in Accounting (BBA)


  1. Educational outcomes for students who complete the accounting major include the following:
  2. Complete the accounting courses necessary to sit for the CPA exam.
  3. Comprehend the policy, environmental, regulatory and compliance issues of accounting.
  4. Understand and exercise the ethical and professional responsibilities of an accountant.
  5. Understand the content, concepts, structure and use of internal and external reporting for organizations.
  6. Analyze, anticipate and meet the information needs of decision makers.
  7. Understand different costing systems and their application to both manufacturing and service organizations.
  8. Comprehend and develop systems to identify, gather, measure, summarize and analyze financial and nonfinancial data in organizations.
  9. Understand and apply the concepts, methods and processes of accounting and administrative control.
  10. Understand the nature of attest services.
  11. Understand and apply the principles of taxation to financial and managerial decisions.

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