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Doctoral Program Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Completion of application: How will I know that the Department of HRD and the Admissions Office have received all of my materials?
    Call the Graduate Advising Office to verify receipt of your application materials: 903.565.5836 or the Graduate Admissions Office: 903.566.7457. It is the responsibility of applicants to keep up with the progress of their applications.  
  2. Career Statement: Is there a special format that I need to use for my Career Statement or Admissions Essay?
    No. Examples can be found on the Vita and Career Statement page.
  3. Evaluation process:  Who is going to review the application materials and how long does this usually take?  Applications will be reviewed by the PhD in HRD Admissions Committee and generally takes approximately 4-6 weeks after the application deadline passes. The Committee will forward their recommendations for admission to the Graduate Programs Coordinator, who will notify all applicants by email of the applicants' offer of admission or their denial into the program.
  4. Commuting: I will be traveling to Tyler from out-of-town or out-of-state, what options do I have?
    There is an airport in Tyler (TYR). There is also a Greyhound station down town: 303 North Bois D Arc Av. Tyler, TX, 75702; and an Amtrak station in Mineola, TX (about 50 minutes north of Tyler off Hwy 69).
  5. Course Descriptions: What are the expectations for each class? Where can I view course descriptions?
    Course Descriptions information
  6. Degree Plan: Where can I view a degree plan for the Ph.D. in HRD?
    Degree Plan information 
  7. Faculty: Who are my professors going to be?
    View all faculty in the Department of HRD.
  8. Financial Support: Are there assistantships, or scholarships available?
    Financial Support information
  9. Full time/Part time: Is the program full time or part time?
    Full time. Each applicant accepted into the program will be required to take 18 credit hours in the Fall and Spring using the Modular Executive Format.
  10. GMAT/GRE: What is a minimum score for the GMAT or GRE?
    There is no minimum score requirement. Applications are reviewed in total, and a low GMAT or GRE score is not going to exclude any applicant from consideration. More information on the GMAT or GRE and for practice tests. Additionally, if you have a copy of your original scores, you may submit those even if they are more than 5 years old.
  11. GMAT/GRE: Neither the GMAT nor GRE were a requirement at the institution where I received my Master's degree. Can this requirement be waived?
    No, this requirement cannot be waived. It is a requirement of UT Tyler's Graduate School.
  12. GPA: Will applicants with a GPA lower than 3.0 for an undergraduate or graduate degree be excluded from consideration?
    No. Typically, the graduate GPA is weighted more than the undergraduate GPA to evaluate the applicant's overall higher education success. If you improved your GPA throughout your undergraduate or graduate experience, this will also be taken into consideration. Please include an explanation of this in your letter of interest/career statement, which is also a requirement.
  13. Late Application Materials: I just recently took the GRE or GMAT, and I am concerned that the scores will not be received by the deadline, what should I do? I just requested my transcripts, and I am worried that my previous institution will not send them by the deadline, will I be excluded from consideration?
    Please email the department unofficial copies of your test scores or transcripts with an explanation that originals are forthcoming. Applications will be reviewed as they are completed, but original materials must be submitted to Graduate Admissions for full admission.
  14. Location: Where is Tyler, TX? Can I visit the campus?
    Tyler is about 2 hours east of the Dallas/Fort Worth area just south of I-20. Visit www.tylertexas.com for more information. To schedule a tour of UT Tyler, contact the Admissions Office: 903.566.7202 or 7203.
  15. New Students: What do I do now that I've been accepted?
    Visit the To Do list
  16. Number of Applicants: How many have already applied to the program?
    The number changes daily; the number of applicants should not discourage anyone from applying to the program. Each application will be carefully and individually considered. In Fall 2011, 50 applied, 40 were admitted and 25 actually enrolled.
  17. Online classes: Is the program online?
    Partially. See "Schedule of classes."
  18. Previous Applicants: I have applied for the program before, do I need to re-submit all of my materials?
    Visit the Previous Applicants page
  19. Provisional Acceptance: I am finishing up my Master's degree. Can I take a doctoral class before I receive my Master's degree?
    No, you must have a Master's degree to enter the program.
  20. Recommendation Letters: What needs to be included in my recommendation letters?
    Visit Recommendation Letter Guidelines
  21. Schedule of classes: I work full-time, what is the schedule going to be like?
    Visit Schedule of Classes
  22. Scholarships: Does the program offer any teaching assistantships or scholarships?
    Visit Financial Support
  23. Size of classes: How many applicants will be accepted? How many students will be in each class?
    The program will consist of a cohort of 30-40 students.
  24. Start Date: I will not be ready to start in the Fall semester, can I start in the Spring or Summer?
    No, the program is set up in such a way that students must start in Fall semesters only.
  25. Test scores: I do not test well, but I feel that I qualify to apply to the Ph.D. program; how much are GMAT and GRE scores weighted in the approval process?
    The university will not use any singular criteria to evaluate an application. A low GMAT or GRE score should not discourage anyone who feels they are otherwise qualified from applying. A few students have been admitted with relatively low scores due to their professional backgrounds and strong recommendation letters.
  26. Transcripts: I have copies of my transcripts--can I send those?
    You may submit copies to expedite the completion of your application, but follow up with original transcripts printed within the last 30 days.
  27. Tuition: How much is the Ph.D. in HRD program going to cost?
    Visit the Tuition and Fee Schedule
  28. Vitae: Is there a special format that I need to use for my resume or vita?
    No. Examples can be found on the Vita and Career Statement page.

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