Department of Human Resource Development

UT Tyler Soules College of Business

The University of Texas at Tyler Department of Human Resource Development provides solid preparation for careers in business, industry, education and government through outstanding undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

UT Tyler offers the human resource development BS degree and human resource development MS degree. Students learn to make vital contributions to corporate success through the process of developing employee expertise and creating a satisfying, productive work environment.

The university also offers the PhD in human resource development with a unique focus on organizational development and change, integrating a strategic management perspective.


By defining the mission of the Department of HRD, we provide our faculty a sense of purpose and direction. Accordingly, our mission statement can help:

  1. Organize faculty and staff members around a common outcome.
  2. Serve as a guide to help us in decision-making.
  3. Focus roles and responsibilities.
  4. Communicate types of changes necessary to improve academic quality and effectiveness.
  5. Guide the development of goals and objectives.
  6. Specify targets achievable within a specific time frame.

Accordingly, the mission of the Department of HRD is to:
Lead the field of HRD through innovative scholarship, academic excellence, and professional service.

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