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Professional opportunities in marketing are marketing specialists and directors, sales professionals, advertising specialists, advertisign directors and research professionals. For students who want a general perspective of marketing, the curriculum provides a broad range of marketing subjects. The marketing curriculum, whether approached from a general or specialized perspective, provides the conceptual, quantitative, and analytic skills that are necessary for students to function in a dynamic business environment.


The following are specific educational objectives for Marketing majors:

  1. Acquire a practical understanding of the marekting planning process and be able to develop a complete marketing plan.
  2. Learn to develop and execute a formal marketing presenation, including problem definition, formulation of alternatives, and the selection and defense of specific action recommendations.
  3. Become familiar with fundamental marketing concepts and learn to apply analytical skills and innovative thinking in a variety of marketing contexts, including commercial, industrial, service, and non-profit sectors.
  4. Acquire strategic insights useful in the practical segmentation of markets and the effective manipulation of the marketing mix.
  5. Acquire a detailed understanding of the customs, traditions, and decision making processes that direct the consumption behavior of the modern American consumer.
  6. Learn to identify and differentiate the effects of cultural and sub-cultural factors on consumption behavior and the implications for marketing strategy.
  7. Become familar with quantitative and qualitiative techniques to gather and analyze information in order to help marketing managers reduce uncertainty in managerial decision-making.