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Soules College of Business Study Abroad Program

2018 Study Abroad

We will be visiting Barcelona, Southern France, and Italy May 16 - 25, 2018. Find out more about the trip cost, details and registration. Watch this video about the study abroad opportunity. 

Study Abroad Flyer

Program Contacts

General program questions: EF Traveler Support, 877.485.4184
For Soules College of Business students: Dr. Krist Swimberghe, 903.565.5803
For non Soules College of Business students: Dr. Justin Velten, 903.566.7095

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is the program?

The program will take place in May 2018. Predicted dates are May 16 - 25, but dates can still vary in a couple of days due to flight itineraries and the number of people signing up. Final dates and flight information will be available three months before the program. We will be visiting Barcelona, Southern France and Italy. 

How much does the program cost?

The cost of the program varies based on the time of year you enroll. When you register for the program you lock in that price, guaranteeing you the best price possible. Prices do change and tend to increase as we get closer to the date, so enroll ASAP to lock in a lower price. Prices vary based on age due to hotel accommodations. Flexible payment plans are also available so participants do not have to pay the cost in full. Check out the latest program pricing.

What is included in the program fee?

Round trip airfare, hotel accommodations (including breakfast other than day two, arrival day), in-country transportation, regional meals (five dinners included in the cost, the remaining meals are out of pocket), guided sightseeing, entrance to mandatory events, Global Travel Protection, and more!  

What is NOT included in the program fee?

Tips, meals other than breakfast and the five dinners that are included in the cost, optional tours, shopping, alcoholic beverages, transportation during optional tours and during free time, UT Tyler’s mandatory Travel Abroad Fee. If you are taking one of the UT Tyler courses associated with this trip, the tuition is NOT included, and thus you need to pay that separately. EF suggests that travelers budget $40 to $60 a day for extra meals, activities, souvenirs, etc. Students can travel for less if they choose. EF also has a suggested tipping amount that the faculty will collect before departure ($90 per traveler):

  • $6 per day for your Tour Director (you will be with your Tour Director for 10 days), $60 total
  • $3 per day with a coach driver (you will be with the coach driver for eight days), $24 total
  • $2 per person for each local guide (you have two local guides), $4 total
  • $2 per person for bus transfers (you will have one bus transfer), $2

There is an expectation that every participant pays for tips before departure.

What are the hotel accommodations like?

The cost of the program varies based on the type of accommodation. The base price is for a triple/quad room occupancy, which is the default for participants under the age of 30, and may include possible bed sharing. If you are 30 or older, the default accommodation is the double room occupancy, which means you share the room with only one other person (same gender) and that you are guaranteed your own bed. If you are under the age of 30 you can upgrade to the double room occupancy cost to guarantee your own bed. Make sure you look into this important option and make the choice that is more adequate to you. If you are not comfortable sharing a room, you will need to discuss with EF directly. Changes to our rooming type need to be made before February 10, 2018.

If I have frequent flyer miles, can I use them and reduce the cost of my package?

EF contracts with the airlines in booking group space for our faculty and students, thus their price includes a discounted air ticket which will not allow individuals to apply their frequent flyer miles. According to EF, if participants decide they would like to use their frequent flyer miles, they can enroll as “land only,” and arrange their own airfare. This “land only” option is NOT available in this program for UT students, given OIP (UT Tyler’s International Office) regulations.  The “land only” option will be available for community members and other non-student participants. Contact EF to know what would be the reduction for your specific case.

If I want to stay in Europe prior to the trip or after the trip, can that be arranged and other travel dates be discussed?

Because this is a UT Tyler sponsored trip, the answer for students is no, given IOP (UT Tyler's International Office) rules, all students will need to adhere to travel itinerary determined by EF. Non-students can travel before the program starts or extend their time in Europe after the program. It is $200 to purchase this Personal Travel Option, plus any fees associated with the change of date/gateway. A Personal Travel Form would need to be submitted with requests, and agree to the terms and conditions. Participants can save $50 if they purchase their Personal Travel 120 days prior to departure, which would be January 16, 2018.

Is this trip about sightseeing and tourism? Or is it a Study Aboard Program?

This is a Study Abroad Program. We are finalizing the official schedule (check back for updates) and we are quite excited about it. There are several corporate and cultural visits, talks, and of course, sightseeing and cuisine. Once finalized, a link with the full schedule will be sent to everyone that has enrolled, or who have asked to be kept in the loop. For participants who are Soules College of Business students, the business visits are mandatory and will take place when other participants are taking some of the optional tours. If a Soules College of Business student has signed up for such optional tours and needs to cancel due to a mandatory business visit, any fee they have paid for such tours will be fully reimbursed. Nobody can be separated from the group at all times, due to security concerns, other than the free times and optional tours some may be able to take. No deviations or individual changes to the official mandatory schedule are permitted.  No extensions, no detours. We go together everywhere. All mandatory activities must be followed as per the schedule.

Do I need to enroll in a course to go on the trip?

If you are a UT Tyler student you need to sign up for one of the associated classes, in order to go. This provision may be revised in January, based on enrollment. As it is, someone can go on the trip in the following circumstances:

  • A UT Tyler student, enrolled in any of the associated courses: SPCM 1311 (summer I 2018), MANA 3312 or MANA 5630 (summer 2018), or MARK 4360 (spring 2018).
  • A UT Tyler student, who was previously enrolled in a class and received a conditional waiver on a class assignment, and during the trip will have an incomplete in such class. A student can fail the incomplete class in case of crude misbehavior during the trip.
  • The spouse or accompanying family member of a student enrolled in one of such courses (no minimum age requirement for a spouse or family member).
  • A community member over the age of 30 and has been cleared to join the group by the program committee.

Can I enroll in the trip and courses associated with the trip if I am not a student?

Yes, you can enroll in the study abroad trip if you are not a student. The program is open to community members. For a community member to voluntarily enroll in the courses associated with the trip, they would need to become a UT Tyler student.

Will the group include only UT Tyler students? Or will other universities and Tyler community members be included?

If we have a group of at least 35, then it will be a UT Tyler only group. If we have fewer than 35, then we may have some participants from other Universities. The program is also open to Tyler community members.

My spouse or family member is going with me. How can they enroll and be assured we are together in the room assigned to us?

They will use the same site to enroll and pay. Discuss your case and room assignments with EF so they can see if and how it is possible to assign you to the same room as your spouse or family member.

What do I need to know about travel documents?

All students/travelers are responsible for obtaining their own passport and visa (if needed). The cost of the program does not include visas if you need one and EF does not provide that service. Please click here if you need assist with obtaining a visa. EF Traveler Support (877.485.4184) can give advice and provide resources. Please note that your name when you enroll must match your passport exactly (first, middle, and last), and that your passport must be valid for 6 months after your return date. 

What is the cancellation policy?

Insurance coverage is included which helps if you have to cancel due to illness, unexpected job loss, or other concerns. You can find a list of what is covered here. For any cancellation not covered by insurance you can find EF’s standard cancellation policy within the Booking Conditions. EF’s Global Travel Protection is a $155 cost that is already included in the program price you pay.

Is there a chance the program could be cancelled? If so and I'm enrolled, will I get my money back?

A program is subject to cancellation due to several types of problems, including security. In the unlikely event the program is cancelled, your refund would depend on when the cancellation happens. If cancelled before late January 2018, EF has agreed to issue a full refund less the non-refundables (the $95 deposit and the $155 Global Travel Protection), or will offer an alternate trip to individual participants. If cancelled between late January and May 2018, EF will offer an alternate trip to individual participants. 

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