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Center for Environment, Biodiversity and Conservation

The Department of Biology currently has 14 research/teaching faculty, of which 11 are
actively involved in research on biodiversity and conservation biology. Each of the faculty has one or more M.S. level graduate students involved in research; several of the faculty teach undergraduate and graduate courses on various aspects of environment, biodiversity, and conservation. The CEBC allows collaboration among faculty from other departments fully leveraging existing expertise on campus, and synergize research on conservation biology.

These include faculty in the Department of Social Sciences with expertise in environmental economics and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Similarly, faculty in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering have expertise in aspects of environmental science such as air and water pollution and water flow analysis. The center brings all of the faculty on campus who have expertise in environmental issues under a single, cohesive group and facilitate collaborations and synergy. The following faculty are currently part of the CEBC.

Department of Biology

Josh Banta

Assistant Professor, Landscape ecology of imperiled species

Office: BEP 109

Phone: 903.566.7189

E-mail: jbanta@uttyler.edu

Blake Bextine

Professor, Genetics of threatened and endangered insects

Office:BEP 107

Phone: 903.566.7323

E-mail: bbextine@uttyler.edu

Neil B. Ford

Professor, Ecology of threatened and endangered species

Office: HPR 109

Phone: 903.566.7249

E-mail: nford@uttyler.edu

Kate Hertweck

Assistant Professor, Computational biology and big data analysis

Office: BEP 103

Phone: 903.565.5882

E-mail: khertweck@uttyler.edu

Srini Kambhampati

Professor and Chair, Conservation genetics of arthropods

Office: BEP 129

Phone: 903.566.7252

E-mail: srini@uttyler.edu

Katrin Kellner

Research Assistant Professor, Population Genetics and Microbial Ecology

Office: HPR 140

Phone: 903.566.7280

E-mail: kkellner@uttyler.edu

James F. Koukl

Associate Professor, Ecology of endangered turtles

Office: BEP 114

Phone: 903.566.7009

E-mail: jkoukl@uttyler.edu

John Placyk

Associate Professor

Office: HPR 110

Phone: 903.566.7147

E-mail: JPlacyk@uttyler.edu

Jon Seal

Assistant Professor, Biodiversity of ants

Office: HPR 148

Phone: 903.565.5931

E-mail: jseal@uttyler.edu

Lance R. Williams

Professor, Landscape ecology of endangered aquatic animals

Office: HPR 105

Phone: 903.565.5878

E-mail: lwilliams@uttyler.edu

Marsha Williams

Research Associate, Landscape ecology of endangered aquatic animals

Office: HPR 117

Phone: 903.565.5883

E-mail: mwilliams@uttyler.edu

Riqing Yu

Assistant Professor, Environmental Microbiology

Office: HPR 118

Phone: 903.566.7257

E-mail: ryu@uttyler.edu


Department of Social Sciences

Marco Castaneda

Assistant Professor, game theory; economics of non-profit organizations

Office: BUS 204B

Phone: 903.565.5790

E-mail: mcastaneda@uttyler.edu

Luis Gautier

Assistant Professor, environmental economics

Office: BUS 204C

Phone: 903.566.5397

E-mail: lgautier@uttyler.edu

Meryem Saygili

Assistant Professor, environmental economics and regulation

Office: BUS 239

Phone: 903.566.7366

E-mail: msaygili@uttyler.edu

Elizabeth Sills

Assistant Professor, geographic information systems

Office: BUS 235

Phone: 903.566.7442

E-mail: esills@uttyler.edu


Department of History

Matthew Stith
Assistant Professor, Environmental history
Office: BUS 238
Phone: 903.566.7430
E-mail: mstith@uttyler.edu


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Torey Nalbone

Chair and Associate Professor, air and water pollution

analysis, contaminant controls, chemical risk assessment

Office: RBS 1008

Phone: 903.565.5520

E-mail: tnalbone@uttyler.edu

Harmonie Hawley

Assistant Professor, hydrology, contamination in surface water

Office: RBS 1006

Phone: 903.565.5711

E-mail: hhawley@uttyler.edu


Department of Management and Marketing

Venu Gopalkrishna Remani
Assistant Professor; green supply chains and their management
Office: BUS 117
Phone: 903.565.5807
E-mail: venugopal@uttyler.edu

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