UT Tyler Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Course Syllabi

NOTE: Labs are separate courses from the lectures; in order to fulfill degree requirements, both the laboratory and lecture courses must be taken. Otherwise, the courses will count as electives.

  • Courses italicized are offered during the current semester.
  • Courses ending in "x" denote multiple sections which use the same/similar syllabus.

NOTE: Not all courses are offered every semester; for courses not offered this semester, the most recent syllabus is given.


Course/Section Course Title Semester(s) Offered
CHEM1305.001CHEM1305.002 Introductory Chemistry I Fall, Spring
CHEM1105.00x Introductory Chemistry I Lab Fall, Spring
CHEM1307.001 Introductory Chemistry II N/A
CHEM1107.00x Introductory Chemistry II Lab N/A
CHEM1311.001CHEM1311.002CHEM1311.003 General Chemistry I Fall, Spring, Summer I
CHEM1111.00x General Chemistry I Lab Fall, Spring, Summer I
CHEM1312.001 General Chemistry II Spring, Summer II
CHEM1112.00x General Chemistry II Lab Spring, Summer II
CHEM1320.001 Forensic Chemistry I (lecture) Fall
CHEM1320.001L Forensic Chemistry I (lab) Fall
CHEM1330.001 Culinary Chemistry Fall, Spring
CHEM1350.001 Chemistry in Action Spring
CHEM3310.001 Analytical Chemistry Fall
CHEM3111.00x Analytical Chemistry Lab Fall
CHEM3320.001 Inorganic Chemistry Spring
CHEM3121.001 Inorganic Chemistry Lab Spring
CHEM3342.001 Organic Chemistry I Fall
CHEM3143.00x Organic Chemistry I Lab Fall
CHEM3344.001 Organic Chemistry II Spring
CHEM3145.00x Organic Chemistry II Lab Spring
CHEM3352.001 Physical Chemistry I Fall
CHEM3153.001 Physical Chemistry I Lab Fall
CHEM3354.001 Physical Chemistry II Spring
CHEM3155.001 Physical Chemistry II Lab Spring
CHEM3360.001 Research Methods Fall
CHEM3370.001 Perspectives on Science & Math Spring
CHEM4240.001 Spectroscopy Spring
CHEM4312.001 Instrumental Analysis Spring
CHEM4113.001 Instrumental Analysis Lab Spring
CHEM4330.001 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Fall
CHEM4334.001 Biochemistry I Fall, Spring
CHEM4135.00x Biochemistry Lab Fall, Spring
CHEM4336.001 Biochemistry II Spring
CHEM4346.001 Advanced Organic Chemistry Spring
CHEM4191.001 Seminar Fall, Spring


Course/Section Course Title Semester(s) Offered
GEOL3310.001 Physical Geology and Astronomy Fall, Spring
GEOL3314.001 Oceanography and Meteorology Fall, Spring


Course/Section Course Title Semester(s) Offered
PHYS1301.001 College Physics I Fall, Spring
PHYS1101.00x College Physics I Lab Fall, Spring
PHYS1302.001 College Physics II Spring
PHYS1102.00x College Physics II Lab Spring
PHYS1303.001 Intro to Astronomy Fall
PHYS2325.001 University Physics I Fall, Spring
PHYS2125.00x University Physics I Lab Fall, Spring
PHYS2326.001 University Physics II Fall, Spring
PHYS2126.00x University Physics II Lab Fall, Spring
PHYS3101.001 Contemporary Physics Variable
PHYS3310.001 Classical Mechanics Variable
PHYS3320.001 Computational Physics Variable
PHYS4330.001 Electricity and Magnetism Variable
PHYS4340.001 Modern Physics Variable