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College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Institute for Integrated Healthcare - Request for Non-Research Related Funding

Institute for Integrated HealthcareNon-research projects that align with one or more of the purposes below will be considered for funding.

The Institute for Integrated Healthcare has three primary purposes:

  1. Increase external funding to support health and wellness related research efforts across departmental, school, college, and external campus boundary disciplines.
  2. Stimulate student learning through research related to evidence-based best teaching practices in the health and wellness disciplines.
  3. Make a difference in the population’s health in Tyler and East Texas through community and public health initiatives and service programs.

To apply for non- research funding, submit a single page proposal that addresses the following:

  • The title and purpose of the project.
  • Alignment of the project with the purpose of the IIH.
  • How student and/or faculty research can be affected by the project.
  • Budget and justification. (May be on a separate page or spreadsheet)
  • Project timeline. (May be included as an attachment)
  • Report and dissemination of project results. (Due within 30 days of project completion)
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