Construction Management

What is Construction Management?
Construction management is a profession that applies effective management techniques to the planning, design and construction of a project from inception to completion for the purpose of controlling time, cost and quality. Construction managers supervise the building of our nation and the world. The construction business is the largest industry in the United States.

Managing the construction process requires an extensive understanding of the principles of construction management including: motivating teams, facilitating subcontractors, and managing equipment and materials to produce a finished structure.

They are also leaders in addressing our nation's need to protect both our natural and constructed environment, and they serve communities in which we live. As construction managers, we pursue ways to build more effectively, efficiently and economically.

Why Become a Construction Manager?
Today, many employers are recruiting people with degrees in construction management, construction engineering or construction science. The construction management curriculum prepares you to meet challenges in construction and often leads to upper-management positions.

When you become an area/territory construction manager or even vice president of construction operations you will need key business, mathematics, technology and construction skills to perform your job successfully. The median annual earnings of project managers range from $42,000 to $80,000 for first-time graduates, depending upon work experience and the market.

UT Tyler encourages students to do an internship in the summer that counts as credit towards the degree. Also, good oral and written communication skills, strong interpersonal and decision making skills, and the ability to multitask are essential.

As a Construction Management student you will:

  • Prepare to manage multimillion-dollar projects in high-production housing, commercial construction, or in major civil or industrial construction.
  • Take classes in finance, management, marketing, economics and accounting to master the business side of construction management.
  • Gain the ability to motivate teams, facilitate subcontractors, and manage equipment and materials to produce a solid finished structure.
  • Get hands-on experience through service-learning projects such as working with Habitat for Humanity to build homes.

Construction Management BS Degree