Disciplines of Construction Management

Department of Construction Management


Construction on Douglas Dam Managing the building of civil engineering systems from cradle to grave to include coordination between the owner, contractor and designer.


Finance and Estimating

A records keeper with long spool of paper Operating in the business world to include accounting, financial contracts and estimating the cost of activities.


Contracts and Bids

Senior Day capstone presentation Demonstrating strong bidding practices and effective contract administration is integral to acquiring the next job or project as a construction manager.



Quarry Visitor Center Designing foundations and earthwork systems to support soil itself and transfer loads from structures into the earth while limiting settlements.



A student uses sieves in soil mechanics Managing equipment, personnel and supplies to build more effectively, efficiently and economically.



Oakland Bay Bridge from beneath Designing systems of structural members used to support loads for a specified public function such as bridges, buildings, dams and bell towers.



Geomatics Total Station Measuring physical features to include horizontal distances and elevation differences to determine property lines, lay out buildings and produce maps.