Online Resources

Student Counseling Center


  • A self-help, completely private online library of behavioral health resources that includes interactive educational modules and practice tools to help you understand and manage how you feel, think and act.
  • You can learn stress management mindfulness skills, problem-solving relationship skills and strategies to avoid dwelling on your concerns and to develop more helpful thinking patterns.
  • TAO Self-Help is exclusively licensed on the UT Tyler campus.  There is no cost to you... and you can do this on your own.
  • Sign up at with your UT Tyler email address: [user name]


Behavior Intervention Team

  • Concerned about the behavior of a student? Submit an electronic report: Behavior Intervention Report.
  • Caring, confidential program of identification, intervention and response in order to provide students with the greatest opportunity for success and the university community with the greatest level of protection.


Non-University Affiliated Resources


  • Anonymous Mental Health Screening
  • Articles
  • Stories
  • Ask the Experts
  • Polls
  • Suicide Hotline

Military Pathways: For Service Members and Their Families

  • Anonymous Mental Health Screening
  • Videos, Articles
  • Health Care Resources
  • Military Mental Health Blog

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN)

  • Safe, confidential, live one-on-one helpline.
  • Advocacy and victim assistance.
  • Self-care ap for sexual assault survivors in the military.

Tobacco Free U

  • Making the Decision to Quit
  • Preparing to Quit
  • Resources
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