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Center for Petroleum Security Research

Major Research Initiatives

PetroSecT Testbed: Industry needs a reliable testbed for certifying their SCADA products - CPSR proposes to set up the Petroleum Security Testbed (PetroSecT) for this purpose.

Reliable and Secure Wireless Networks: Networks, especially wireless networks used in SCADA systems need to be reliable and secure – CPSR developed the RESILIENT protocol for this purpose.

Adaptable and Secure SCADA Design: SCADA systems need to be systematically designed so that they are adaptable and secure at the same time – CPSR has developed the adaptable security framework (ADSEC) for this purpose.


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Research Projects

  1. Venkata Haranath Yakkali, "Efficient Design of SCADA Systems Using Minimum Spanning Trees and the NFR Framework", May 2010.
  2. Vineeth Kuruchetti, "Relationship Between Values of Business Processes and Need for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems in Oil Refineries", May 2010.
  3. Deepthi Ravilla, "Evaluation of Security of Water Pipeline SCADA Systems Using NFR Approach", December 2009.
  4. Haritha Mallidi, "Simulation and Emulation of Security Scenarios for Oil Pipeline SCADA Systems", May 2009.
  5. Srikanth Narra, "Proposed Architecture for Improving Reliability for Oil Pipeline SCADA Systems", December 2008.
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