UT Tyler Department of Computer Science

Undergraduate Course Syllabi

COSC 1307: Introduction to Information Systems Software
COSC 1310: Advanced Information Systems Software
COSC 1436: Programming Fundamentals
COSC 1437: The Object-Oriented Paradigm
COSC 2315: Computer Organization
COSC 2325: Foundations of Computer Information Systems
COSC 2336: Data Structures and Algorithms
COSC 3310: Internet and Web Applications
COSC 3215: Social and Professional Issues in Computing
COSC 3325: Algorithm Design and Analysis
COSC 3331: E-Commerce Programming
COSC 3445: Computer Architecture
COSC 3355: Operating Systems
COSC 3365: Programming with Data, File and Object Structures
COSC 3375: Analysis and Logical Design
COSC 3385: Database Design
COSC 4309: Design of Modern Information Systems
COSC 4315: Information and Knowledge Management
COSC 4325: Data Communications and Computer Networks
COSC 4327: UNIX Shell Programming
COSC 4335: Artificial Intelligence
COSC 4336: Software Development
COSC 4340: Comparative Study of Programming Languages
COSC 4345: Computer Graphics
COSC 4352: Data Mining
COSC 4356: Computer Vision
COSC 4360: Net-Centric Computing
COSC 4361: Computer Security Management
COSC 4362: Computer Security
COSC 4370: Undergraduate Internship Program
COSC 4375: Information Systems Design Project
COSC 4377: Compiler Techniques
COSC 4381: Seminar in Computer Science
COSC 4385: Database Management Concepts
COSC 4387: Computer Performance Evaluation
COSC 4395: Capstone Project