Art and Art History

Lori Solley

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Title: Adjunct Instructor
Department: Art and Art History
Building: ARC Complex
Phone: 903.566.7250


B.F.A. University of Texas at Tyler
M.F.A. Texas Christian University


Lori Solley received a BFA from the University of Texas at Tyler in 2-Dimensional art and a MFA from Texas Christian University in Printmaking. Her work consists primarily of combinations of printmaking techniques and drawing. She currently works as an adjunct instructor at Kilgore College and UT Tyler. She is a native of Gladewater, TX and currently lives in East Texas with her husband, two kids, and lots of pets.

Artist Statement 

Choices are inherent to daily life as are compromises. I make compromises with myself daily as both a mother, a wife, an educator, and as a person in order to maintain some semblance of an identity while trying to successfully nurture others.

My work is an examination of different forms that my identity can take and the idea of self- evaluation. I use images of myself as the commonality between self and caregiver, and the endless struggle to not feel guilt or isolation for every choice that is made. Altering the traditional drawing surface with alternative paper choices and only allowing a small part of myself to be on display I have created a dichotomy between my choices and the compromises that I must make.

The majority of my current work is an examination of the depiction of space, both figuratively and abstractly. The combination of multilayered substrates of tissue paper, figurative imagery, and the interaction of soft and hard edged value influence the depiction of this illusion that is created. The use of shadow and light, craft material and traditional material, geometric and organic imagery create the chasm between these complex inner truths and the artifices created for one’s self.

Curriculum Vitae Lori Solley