Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jordan Beaver

Jordan Beaver

Title: Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry
Building: RBS 3010
Phone: 903.566.6276


  • B.S. Chemistry, Wofford College, 2015
  • Ph.D. Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, University of California-Davis, 2019


Jordan Beaver, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, is from Rock Hill, South Carolina. After completing his undergraduate degree in Chemistry with an emphasis in Irish Sociology, he earned his Ph.D. from the University of California Davis in Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry.

Working closely with the wine industry in Napa, CA, Jordan’s research at UC Davis primarily dealt with elucidating adsorption mechanisms of red wine polyphenols to cell walls of solid materials during fermentation. In collaboration with several other academic and industry researchers, he contributed significantly to the construction of a computation model for predictive winemaking. Prior to and during graduate school, Jordan also worked in the brewing industry as a QA/QC consultant, a packaging technician, and an assistant brewer.

Starting in Fall 2019, Jordan utilized his industrial and academic experience to head up Tyler’s new Fermentation Track through the Chemistry and Biochemistry department. This will include both in-class and hands-on learning of the chemistry and microbiology behind malting, beer brewing, viticulture, enology, and distillation! In addition to teaching, Jordan will conduct food science research. Some areas of interest include optimizing hop utilization during the brewing process, application of biodiversity techniques in Texas viticulture, and reduction and management of waste streams in the production of fermented beverages.

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