Jaclyn Marsh

Jaclyn Marsh

Title: Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
Department: Communication
Building: CAS 227


Ph. D. 2019, University of Nebraska—Lincoln, Communication Studies
Concentration: Interpersonal & Family Communication
Supporting Area: Health Communication

M. A. 2015, University of North Carolina—Charlotte, Communication Studies
Concentration: Generalist
Additional coursework in Health and Organizational Communication

B. A. 2009, Baldwin-Wallace College, Broadcasting and Mass Communication
Cum Laude
Minors: Religion


Jaclyn S. Marsh, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Texas at Tyler. Her teaching interest areas are in interpersonal communication, family communication, health communication, patient-provider, small group communication, public speaking, and qualitative methods. In her line of research, she focuses on how individuals, couples, and families are able to communicatively negotiate their roles within their family groups and she is interested in how that relates to their overall well-being.


Courses Taught:

CMST 1315: Fundamentals of Speech

CMST 2318: Interpersonal Communication

CMST 3314: Patient Provider Communication

CMST 3322: Small Group Communication

CMST 4310: Family Communication

CMST 4320: Communication Theories

COMM 5300: Human Communication Theory


Selected Publications:

Palmer-Wackerly, A. L., Voorhees, H. L., Kellas, J. K., Marsh, J. S., Baker, J. T., Housh, B. C., Luc, M.-L. T., & Hall, R. D. (under review May 2020). Navigating the infertility journey: How patients and partners negotiate communication in treatment decision-making. Journal of Health Communication.

Waldron, V. R., Braithwaite, D. O., Oliver, B. M., Kloeber, D. N., & Marsh, J. S. (2018). Discourses of forgiveness and resilience in stepchild—stepparent relationships. Journal of Applied Communication Research.

Braithwaite, D. O., Waldron, V. R., Allen, J., Oliver, B., Bergquist, G., Storck, K., Marsh, J.S, Swords, N., & Tschampl-Diesing, C. (2018). “Feeling warmth and close to her”: Communication and resilience reflected in turning points in positive adult stepchild-stepparent relationships. Journal of Family Communication, 18(2), 92- 109.doi:10.1080/15267431.2017.1415902

Braithwaite, D.O., Marsh, J.S, Tschampl-Diesing, C., & Leach, M. (2017). “Love needs to be exchanged”: A diary study of interaction and enactment of the family kinkeeper role. Western Journal of Communication, 81(5), 1-19. doi: 10.1080/10570314.2017.1299881

Johnson, B., Quinlan, M. M., & Marsh, J. S. (2017). Telenursing and nurse-patient communication within Fertility, Inc. Journal of Holistic Nursing, 36, 38-53. doi:10.1177/0898010116685468


Conference Presentations:

Marsh, J. S. (2020, May). Boundary Coordination and Turbulence in Interactions between Children-in-law and Parents-in-law. Interpersonal Communication Division, International Communication Association for the 2020 Annual Conference, Gold Coast, AUS.

Marsh, J. S. (2019, November). When to Talk about Your Infertility Journey with Your In-laws: A Communication Privacy Management Study. Interpersonal and Romantic Relationships Research in Progress Roundtable, National Communication Association for the 2019 Annual Conference, Baltimore, MD. 

Marsh, J. S. (2019, November). Turning Points in Positive Relational Development Between Adult Children-in-law and a Parent-in-law. Family Communication Division, National Communication Association for the 2019 Annual Conference, Baltimore, MD.