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Karen S. Sloan

Karen  Sloan

Title: Associate Professor of English (Retired)
Department: Literature and Languages
Building: BUS243
Email: ksloan@uttyler.edu
Phone: 903.566.7460


Karen Sloan, associate professor of English, specializes in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century American literature. Her primary research interest is the role of territoriality in imaginative narratives of human behavior, particularly as it relates to constructions of self.

She has taught a wide range of undergraduate courses, including Grammar & Composition, Writing Literary Analysis and Interpretation, American Literature Survey, Early American Literature, American Realism, Twentieth-Century American Literature, and Genre Studies.

At the graduate level, she teaches Bibliography and Methods of Research, Studies in American Literary Realism, and Studies in Twentieth-Century American Literature. She has also taught special topics courses in Twentieth-Century African-American Women Writers, Mark Twain, and Southern Writers.

Selected Publications:

  • "Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn." Explicator 63 (2005): 159-64.
  • "The Nineteenth-Century Church Music Controversy: A Possible Referent for Cooper's 'Manifestly Impossible' Singing-Master in The Last of the Mohicans." ANQ 19.1 (2006): 33-42.
  • "Reterritorializing Cooper's Marginalia in The Last of the Mohicans: Authorial Commentary as Rhetorical  Borderland." ANQ 19.2 (2006): 33-39.
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