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Danita Alfred, PhD, RN

Danita Alfred

Title: Professor
Department: Nursing
Building: BRB 2340
Email: dalfred@uttyler.edu
Phone: 903.566.7019


  • Ph.D - Texas Woman's University
  • MSN - Texas Woman's University
  • BSN - West Texas State University

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Recent Publications

Fountain, R., Chilton, J., Deal, B., Connor, D., Hensarling, J., Klotz, L., Alfred, D. (In press). Preparing for disasters: Education and management strategies explored, Nurse Education in Practice. Early release online 9-22-2014 (Alfred – corresponding author).

Lin, C.N., Smith, B.M., & Alfred, D. (in press). Cultural competence and related factors among Taiwanese Nurses. Journal of Nursing Research. Accepted July, 2014.

Johnson, A., Alfred, D., Fountain, R., & Combs, D. (in press). Quality of life and adaptation for TBI survivors: Assessment of the Disability Centrality Model. Journal of Rehabilitation. Accepted October, 2014.

Wieck, L., Alfred, D., Haas, B. K., Yarbrough, S. (2014). Using a strengths model to build an online nursing education program. Journal of Professional Nursing 30(3), 233-242.

Alfred, D., Yarbrough, S., Martin, P., Mink, J., Lin, Y. & Wang, L. (2013). A comparison of professional values of Taiwanese and USA nursing students. Nursing Ethics. 20(8), 917-926.

Baack, S. &Alfred, D. (2013). Nurse preparedness and perceived competence in managing disasters. Journal of Nursing Scholarship. 45(3), 281-287

Alfred, D., Yarbrough, S., Martin, P., & Garcia, C. (2011). Gender and professional values: A closer look. Nursing Management. 41(1), 34-36.

Lin, Y., Wang, L., Yarbrough, S., Alfred, D., & Martin, P. (2010). Changes in Taiwanese nursing student values during the educational experience. Nursing Ethics, 17(5), 646-654.

Deal, B., Alfred, D., Fountain, R., Ford, T., & Chilton, J. (2010). Educational opportunities: A nursing school model for medical special needs sheltering. Nurse Educator. 35(3), 122-126.

Creative Endeavors

Alfred, D., Klotz, L., Deal, B., Fountain, R., Missildine, K., Williams, J., Ford, T., Chilton, J., Parkins, J., Smith, C., & Brown, J. (June, 2010). Just-in-Time Training for Volunteers Caring for Evacuees in a Medical Special Needs Shelter. (grant funded)

Recent Presentations

Alfred D. Are nurses ready to manage disasters? A conference presentation. 5th Annual Preparedness Symposium. Galveston, Texas. (October 16-18, 2013).

Alfred, D. Are Texas nurses prepared to manage disasters? A conference presentation. Public Health Capabilities: Bridging the Gap Between Planning and Preparedness. Tyler, Texas (July 8-10, 2013).       

Alfred, D. Have inexperienced volunteers for your disaster medical shelter? No problem. Just-in-time training for medical shelter volunteers. A conference presentation. Public Health Capabilities: Bridging the Gap Between Planning and Preparedness. Tyler, Texas (July 8–10, 2013).       

Wieck, L., Alfred, D. (presenter), Haas, B., Yarbrough, S. Using a Strengths Model to Build an Online Education Program. A conference presentation.  AACN’s 2013 Doctoral Education Conference, San Diego, CA. January 24 – 26, 2013.

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